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" the biggest site for simple, clear, and credible information about the life, teachings and impact of Jesus"
-- Vipool Patel, Founder of

Staff and contributors to

Lots of people have built, contributed to, advised, organized, worked on, fine tuned, and otherwise helped since 2001.


Vipool Patel - President
     Vip Patel was raised by Hindu parents that immigrated from India's farming villages, and left him with a legacy of serving others. After graduating with Distinction from Stanford and with an MBA from Wharton, Patel progressed through positions at the White House, in strategy consulting, and in the high-tech industry. Finding an opportunity to use his business skills to advance health care, Patel joined Healthscape (now WebMD) as an early employee. With the backing of Kleiner-Perkins, he led as founder, CEO and Chairman of eHealthInsurance (NASDAQ:EHTH), the nation's leading broker of health insurance to individuals, families and small businesses. He is now fulfilling his calling and passion by leading, which delivers a clear starting point for understanding Jesus to millions of people annually (particularly from China). His greatest treasures include his wife of many years and two wonderful children.


Will Shao - China General Manager
     Prior to joining Will had 18 years of business experience in China and 8 years of mission experience in reaching Chinese young professionals. In the past 3+ years as China General Manager of, Will focused on bringing the ministry closer to China, including Chinese site launch, China specific content, Baidu relations, in-country surveys, and China Advisory Board initiative. Recently Will has aligned with leading China mission organizations including Great Commission Center International, Overseas Campus, and co-initiated mobilizing North American Chinese churches into Internet mission. Will's education was in Electrical Engineering at CCNY and Columbia University. His career was in telecommunications including Bell Labs research, AT&T relations with Chinese government, and China market development for U.S. wireless companies.
Sheng-Yang Chiu PhD - China Advisor
     Sheng-Yang Chiu lives in Beijing and currently serves on JesusCentral's Board of Advisers and as the organization's person on the ground in China. Sheng-Yang was born in Malaysia and went to the U.S. for his undergraduate and graduate studies. He has a B.A. in Engineering and Applied Physics from Harvard, a M.S. in Applied Mathematics also from Harvard, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from M.I.T.

     Sheng-Yang is an experienced technologist and senior executive who has worked in innovative companies spanning the U.S. and Asia. He feels privileged to be able to use what he has learned in the business world and his current stay in China to participate through JesusCentral and its leverage of the Internet in introducing Jesus to so many all over the country.


Heather Creighton - Operations
     Heather is the heart and soul of providing a variety of services to the organization and Vip Patel. Heather helped create the new Jesus 101 course we launched in Q3 of 2010. Heather manages volinteers.

     Jesus has made a tremendous difference in my life & I want others to know Him. I joined the team in 2007 with a desire & excitement to see God use the internet to change the world. It has been exciting to see lives transformed through our site, as well as our own as we continually seek God's vision & guidance. My role includes prayer team & donor communications, donation processing & receipts, facilitator recruitment for our Jesus 101 online course, daily Facebook postings and preparation of presentation materials. I have a B.A., M.Ed. & secondary teaching credential in Life Science & Biology from UCLA. Prior to I taught science & raised my family.

Gina Holloway - Assistant to Vipool Patel, President
     My heart is to introduce Jesus to people everywhere. My blessing is to have found What a great way to make Jesus known!

     Working with our founder, Vipool Patel, as his assistant is humbling. My primary task is to help Vip maximize his time and maintain priorities. The many opportunities God brings to JesusCentral are prayerfully tracked while waiting for Him to open doors for next steps. The school of God's love provides everything necessary to fulfill his plan; so my 25+ years as a business owner along with an MS in Education from University of Southern California have come in handy. God's abundance provides a constant reminder to walk in His strength and watch His plan unfold.

Engineering and Technology

Michael Hill - Chief Engineer and Developer
     Michael came on in 2005 to help with a couple of small projects and grew into his current role managing technology and development. He is involved with because of his desire to make technology instrumental in reaching billions of people with the love and friendship of Jesus. Michael is responsible for developing the 5 website projects we have today. Michael's career spans 30 years as a field engineer, sales engineer, product designer, up through management and more recently as an engineering, technology and project management executive. Michael served fortune 50 companies (healthcare, financial and computing space); state, local and national governments; not for profit and start-ups working with cross functional disbursed teams around the world. Michael graduated with honors with a bachelor of management and holds two professional project management certifications (PMP/PMI and Villanova University).
Anita Tisdale - Customer Service and Web Support
     Anita (Tisdale) provides customer service to our online community. She assists users all over the world in using the tools available on our website. Often her assistance includes sharing a timely word of encouragement adding a personal touch to our support services. Anita sees this work as an extension of her ministry to the world. Her ministry stems from over 18 years of ministerial experience in college ministry, international missions and worship ministry. Anita has BS in Music Education from Southwest Baptist University. Anita assisted in the development and editing of the latest Jesus 101 course. Other responsibilities include monitoring the website for violations of our site's ground rules, forwarding incoming emails and managing Jesus 101 course emails.


Bob Reed PhD - Content contributor
Doug Vaughan MBA - Facebook application
Doug Weller JD - Editorial chair, content contributor
Janey DeMeo - Writer
John Tisdale - Content contributor, developer, marketing consultant
John Ortberg PhD - Content contributor
Martin Kuba - Developer
Mary Jane Turner - Developer, Server Administration
MeLissa Houdmann - All About God writer
Rand Mulford MBA - Organizational development
Scott Dudley PhD - Content contributor
Stuart Jenner MBA - SEO and demand generation consulting
Sylvia Khong-Terpstra - Graphic artist
Valerie Peck MBA - Marketing consulting
Wilbur Wong MBA - Database design


All About God (Randall Niles) - SEO consulting
BlueHornet (Tim Marusich) - email consulting
Bulldog Drummond - brand identity, look feel design
Ciber Inc. - development of web 2.0 early prototypes
Encompus - creation of new look feel
ZDL - English to Chinese translation

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