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Why is there this battle in our minds and it gets stronger when we are closer to God?

By: sandra magdy
Category: The Resurrection
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my son and grandson got in a drag out fight. me as a father and pawpaw how can i tell them that jesus is the way?

By: Hiram Rodriguez
Category: My Blog
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wath God is saying to me in John 5:16-30

By: Hiram Rodriguez
Category: John`s Biography of Jesus - Chapter 5
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Come as Youre True Story!
After an open air evangelism, a moslem who had 3 wives approached a pastor and asked him, your message has touched, i would love to commit my life to Christ, but my biggest problem i have 3 wives. The pastor replied to him, come as you're leave the rest to Jesus. When he went back home, he told the wives i have gotten saved. One of the wives said i cannot stay with a mad person, she packed her belongings and left. The 2nd wife after seeing the husband going to the Church, she also told him, what will i tell my parents, they are strong moslems, she also packed her belongings and left. The 3rd wife accepted to get saved she remained alone with the husband. Come as you're.

Category: My Blog
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Volunteering far away from home

Hi all, its not very bad to volunteer away from home in line with the Great Commission, however there's constrainsts, e.g. increasing global financial turmoils with increasing travel costs. It would indeed be good to volunteer across far off locations.

 On His Team,


Africa Youth Ministries


URL: http://www.aymu.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=a ....rticle&id=102&Itemid=148

Category: My Blog
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is it wrong to volunteer far away from home just to be far from our environment and people we know because i want to change my life toward Jesus, and i feel i must be far away a little bit to think clearly and pray so i come bake with power.

By: Nadeen Gerges
Category: My Blog
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Happiness from Giving

True happiness comes from within and from giving to those who have nothing. Millions of families barely have what they need to get by in the world today, and the upper echelon has what ever they want and this is not the model life God intended for us. I have been told that life is never fair, but I believe that is a large misconception amongst us all. If we truly cared enough about one another like God cares about us, then we could make life fairer and it wouldn’t make life miserable for anyone. Instead each of us would have happiness and support of our loved ones, and the accomplishments that we could enjoy would be endless and very fruitful.

I must share a small testimony from my life so that this picture is painted a little better for everyone to understand. Recently I was wrapped up in sin and specificly drugs, alcohol, and cigarrettes. I knew deep inside that I was heading down the wrong path because I know from child hood that God was always the source of happiness. I prayed to him and asked for guidance and immediately I knew that I must quit my bad habits. As I started down this path it wasn't easy and it took a lot of prayer and faith in God to achieve my goal. Thank God he answered because fighting the with draws from drugs and cigarrettes wasn't easy at all. I am currently going on three weeks with out cigarrettes. Unfortunately I failed at passing a temptation of one drug, but the immediate reaction of my body was guilt and paranoia. I knew from that point on it was the straight and narrow or nothing. Since then I have been receiving nonstop blessings from God and I wake up each morning thanking God for a fresh breath of air. Due to my drinking habits I lost my license and currently cannot afford to get my license back through the proper process required by North Carolina state laws. However, I am alive and no one else was hurt by my drunk driving and I thank God every time I remember that. 

So, I sold my car and with the money I received from selling my car, I purchased a bicycle and the rest I have donated to God. It wasn't much, but I know that God can take a little and turn it into a lot. Jesus feeding 5,000 through 2 fish and a few loaves of bread was proof enough for me. So, if I can accept my life for what it is, I think it would be very possible for humanity to give a little more to those who have nothing. 

I pray in Jesus' name that this reaches millions of people with large bank accounts because every little bit helps. Put a smile on your face and someone else's by giving some food, or clothes to those without and may God Bless you for it.


By: John Hunter
Category: My Blog
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anger wreaks havoc
wow! I had found a very excellent website that talks about christianity, love, christ and God. I love it. However, as a christian I cant grow underneath the sun due to the fact I still carry wrath toward my mother. Who had emotionally and mentally abused me. I Turn to Christ because none of the people I had know and understood my emotion. The scarce and bruises that was left in my heart is so immense that I pray to God that it will be heal. Yet His answer was it will be heal. Just be patient. as long as Christ is my guide.

By: auramonica vicente
Category: Friendship for the Lonely
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I was lost but one day I saw a Catholics Returning Home sign by the church where I live.  I felt something that made me call and since then I have gone to the program and have felt a peace that I haven't felt in a long time!  I can only say that it was Jesus calling me back home!!!

By: Anthony
Category: Brief Life Summaries
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Hey all, I'm new to this site. How'e evreyone doing?

By: John C
Category: My Blog
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