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July 03, 2008
"Which of these purposes do you believe Jesus accomplished?"
I think Jesus accomplished the purpose of giving me life to live abundantly.  Despite the everyday struggles, and hills we think we can't get over, we are blessed everyday by the abundance of love and faith he has given us, and we need to pass it on to others.

By: Jean Gilroy - July 03, 2008 - Public
Category: Statements of Purpose
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June 23, 2008
How do Jesus' words make you feel?

His words, and the love that He shows us everyday, makes me able to go on living.  If I did not believe He has forgiven me for all my sins because of His love for me, my life would be a very empty place to live.  My hope is that as a Christian I can help others see this love that Jesus has for all His children and that they can truly believe they are loved by Him despite any of their sins.

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Category: God Forgives You, If You Ask
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June 12, 2008
The meaning of being kind to the lowly
First, I really believe that God put us here to be kind to those who do not have what we have, either financially, spiritually, academically, or perhaps in health issues.  If I never have anything extra, but help those that he loves, I have served Him, and therefore the one who sent Him. Sometimes this is a hard lesson in life, when we tend to be greedy and selfish.  But that is not the way He wants us to walk, and we need to remember that everyday.

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Category: Befriending and Promoting the Lowly
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June 12, 2008
Does Jesus believe lowly people are valuable? How valuable?
I think this reading really illustrates the worth Jesus saw in lowly people, especially the section about the widow.  It is easy for the rich to give, and they usually want to receive praise and acknowledgment.  But this woman gave what little she had from her heart, in God's name.

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Category: Befriending and Promoting the Lowly
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June 06, 2008
Daily Life

 I really enjoyed reading about the daily lives of the people in those days.  I gave me a visual picture I had never had before. Also, to hear Mary refered to as  a "teenager" really gives me a sense of awe of the challenge she willingly assumed for God.

By: Jean Gilroy - June 06, 2008 - Public
Category: First Century Context and History
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