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June 08, 2008
the sign of Jonah

The sign of Jonah is an endtime event that will unseal the biblical textWhen this occurs Jesus himself will be doing all the talking as the entire unseal biblical text becomes decoded,This event has just occurred by a man who calls himself a Jonah =[43] the seer=[43 of the language=[43] of God=[43].This new age Jonah applies the key of David=56[knowledge,113] the numbers=[113] of prophecy=[113] of the divine language=[113] to unseal the bible When appling the key of David correctly one can hear the voice of Christ throughout the numeric translation. The sign of Jonah =[107,138] in the numeric language means the word of God=[107] of Jesus Christ=[138] in the language of God=[138]see the greatest event in biblical history is unfolding



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The Sign of Jonah

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