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September 16, 2010
Why did JesusĀ“ penalty for "sin" need to include physical and emotional pain - why not just spiritual separation from God?
Jesus had to suffer physical and emotional pain so that his atonement for our sins would be total.adam and Eve sinned physically by eating the apple and the sin arose from the mind that sought to question the command of God. They therefore physical, emotional and ultimately, spiritual separation from God. Jesus' pain also shows us That He identifies with our physical pains, illness, torture, hunger etc and our emotional situations, divorce, bereavement, loneliness or betraya, having been there himself. Only by casting our cares upon Him can we find spiritual oneness with God

By: Mojisola Ladipo - September 16, 2010 - Public
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August 23, 2010
God loves and values you
To be loved by God means that He is always ready to give us another chance and is eagerly awaiting our return to His warm embrace. However, we cannot continue to wallow in sin and expect His Grace to abound. Like the prodigal son, we must first acknowlege our wastefulness and selfishness and decadence and make a firm commitment to humbly, without excuses return to the Father, and with confidence.   Being loved by God means that even when I was far off from Him, wallowing in my ignorance and sin, he was anxiously scanning the horizon for me to return and so sent His Son to make the atonement for my sins, so that I can come home. Being loved means that even while I was toiling and thinking that he was not noticing my sweat and deprivations because he had not blessed me spectacularly by throwing a party fo me, and while I was being jealous of my 'brothers' who seemed to have taken their inheritance and feeling so superior,  He was saving all that he has for me and urging me to rejoice when the 'lost', including myself, return by His grace. Being loved by Him means He values me for what I am, warts and all. How comforting!

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Category: God Loves & Values You
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August 17, 2010
compassionate - Helping the Hurting
For me, compassion is that spontaneous feeling of wanting to make things right for the other person, wether they deserve it or not. It is what Jesus felt fo me that made Him want to die in my place so that I may live, even when I was as yet not made. It is not pity. It is overwhelming love that makes Jesus anticipate my needs, my pains, my helplessness and makes Him to provide, heal, save and nurture me in good times and in bad times. It is what He commands me to have when He said, ' love your enemies and pray for those who use you badly' perhaps because He knows that the enemy behaves that way because they too are trapped in sin and shame and ignorance and self- hate. Compassion is selflessness. It is avery difficult thing to practice in our present age unless one actually surrenders to the Holy Spirit.

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Category: Compassionate - Helping the Hurting
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August 11, 2010
Brief Life summary
I know Jesus as the enabler. He was not born great in the earthly sense and lived an ordinary lowly life devoid of ostentation. For me, the lesson of his birth, his life, his death and his ressurrection is in sharing.He shared his good times and his bad times, his possession, his time, thoughts, prayers, humiliation and glory. He was a 'people person', something that is increasingly lacking in our world today. I want to share because I am learning forom the best, JESUS the CHRIST.

By: Mojisola Ladipo - August 11, 2010 - Public
Category: Brief Life Summaries
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