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April 13, 2013
Why did the people ask Jesus to leave, even after He delivered the two demon-possessed men?
They were unbelievers that's why.

By: abraham akagwu - April 13, 2013 - Public
Category: The Healing of Two Demon-possessed Men
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April 05, 2013
How can you recognize whether you are entering through the narrow gate or are on the broad way?
If you believe and have faith in God through Jesus Christ His son, you shall find the way of God which is the narrow way.

By: abraham akagwu - April 05, 2013 - Public
Category: The Narrow and Wide Gates
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April 04, 2013
Since God is such a generous giver, what is there that you (personally) should be asking Him for?
I will ask God for divine protection against every devilish plans, academic and financial break through, break through in all chanllenges over my life, longlife and prosperity and to serve Him whole heartedly in His vine yard.

By: abraham akagwu - April 04, 2013 - Public
Category: Ask, Seek, Knock
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April 03, 2013
Since we have God`s promise of support, why do we still worry?
Because we lack faith.

By: abraham akagwu - April 03, 2013 - Public
Category: Do Not Worry
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April 01, 2013
What is so good about fasting? Why fast?
You fast so as to place your desires in God's hand secretly and not to fast as hypocrites.

By: abraham akagwu - April 01, 2013 - Public
Category: Fasting
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