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April 28, 2010
Define "Compassion"?

Compassion is that quality that allows one to be moved into action on behalf of another who is in need.  It takes into consideration the person's plight, their sufferings, their needs, all in context of their surrounding environment.  Compassion is not hindered by blaming games, or guilt.

 Jesus demonstrated compassion, not only in healing physical infirmities, but also in healing our sin disease.  That we can go to Him, be cleansed by Him, and can count on Him for help even though we are guilty... that He doesn't count us as guilty because of the cleansing that comes with His precious blood (when we humbly confess our sins).  That is compassion.

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April 12, 2010
What did you learn about Jesus` background that stands out or surprises you?

The context of women...

This lesson reminded me that during Jesus' days, women did not receive the best treatment, and certainly were not revered as equal to their male peers.  In this context, it makes Jesus' treatment of women all the more radical and honorable.  These are the examples that most call my attention:

  • Mark 5:25-34  A woman with an issue of blood, ceremonially unclean, was healed through Jesus because of her faith.  However,  she made a daring move to even get near Him, much less to touch Him, during her uncleanness.  And how did He respond"  In her fear (most likely fear of having broken the purity laws), Jesus was nothing but merciful to her, and sent her peace.  Incredible!
  • John 4:7-27  Jesus did what"! Here is another incredible thing that Jesus did.  He spoke to a woman.  And not just any woman, a Samaritan woman.  And not just any Samaritan woman, one who had been with many men.  Jesus did the complete unthinkable when He approached her, engaged her in dialogue, and mercifully led her in the way of truth.  Even His disciples were asking, 'what in the world does He have to do with this woman"'  Jesus rocks!  Talk about defying cultural norms and traditions for the sake of doing what is right:  forget racism, forget inequality of the sexes, and lay down judgement to pick up mercy!
  • Matthew 28:1-10  Ok, so here's my last 'radical Jesus' example in terms of how He related to women.  If a woman wasn't even allowed to testify in court during those days, and they weren't really supposed to talk to men outside of their family... then why would Jesus appear to them first after the resurrection"  He not only appeared to women, but He sent them to His male disciples to bear witness to give testimony that He is risen!  Amazing!
  • There are so many other instances, such as Jesus teaching Mary (& Martha), His mercy to the woman caught in the act of adultery, etc.   But getting reminded about women in the context of Jesus' day has just been an incredible help in terms of opening my eyes to how wonderful and gracious He is.  And, it gives me boldness to stand up for what is right, as opposed to going with the flow of the day that I'm in. 




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    April 07, 2010

    Getting to know my Saviour Jesus, is the most incredible thing that has happened to me.  It has also launched me into the grandest adventure ever:  seeking to live according to His ways.  And just what are His ways"

     Jesus chooses the way of love.  His teachings, His ministry, His actions, they are all inspired by love and selflessness.  If that isn't revolutionary then what is"!  He is amazing!

    To think that He often referred to the Father, that He was doing His Father's business, and not here on His own accord.  That sets such an example for us, especially in the world that we live in when everyone wants to feel needed/wanted/appreciated/important.  Jesus let His followers know, I have come to do what the Father has told me.  Wow.  That is humility at its best.

    Compassionate.  My Lord Jesus is so compassionate.  (Wow, I feel myself falling in love with Him all over again as I reflect on Him in this way).  When we humans are so quick to judge, and point fingers, He responds in mercy.  He comes in to lift us up, not shove us down.

     Obedient, our Lord is obedient.  He obeyed the Father unto the death.  He submitted himself to human authorities, in so doing submitted to Father God.  Yet He was not afraid to challenge human precepts that had no roots in Father's ways, in Father's heart.

    Jesus was bold and wise, and He knew how to use the two to humble the haughty.  Yet, He still possessed an incredible humility.

     Jesus Christ was also very out of the box, which is my kind of style.  But, VERY out of the box.  I mean, He used a mixture of spit and mud in someone's eyes to give them sight.  He put His spit on someone's tongue to help their speech.  I'd say that's pretty unconventional.  But He did it.

     Relational, Jesus was very relational.  He knew how to balance alone time with Father, time with close disciples, and time with the masses.  How many of us struggle to keep healthy relationship balances now"  Jesus was an expert. 

     It's hard to 'briefly' summarize such a marvelous One as Jesus, but I think I hit some of His outstanding qualities.  But there is so much more that could be said, I have just barely scratched the surface...




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