May 23, 2011
What motivated Jesus to heal others?
He was compassionate towards them.  He is their creator and knew that He has the solution to their problem.

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Category: Jesus Heals Many
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May 18, 2011
If John

When He came to earth He left everything about His God-form in heaven and came to earth as human being. So deems it fit to fullfill all that is required from Him as a human being.  He even said that He did to fulfill all righteousness.

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Category: John the Baptist Prepares the Way
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May 18, 2011
If you were Mark, writing a short report to demonstrate to a Roman audience that Jesus (a Jewish man) was "the Son of God", what would you include in that report?

1.  The birth of Jesus had been predicted centuries ago and His came as it was predicted. 

2.  Jesus' conception and birth was not in the normal way as others e.g through sexual relationship between man and woman, He was conceived through the Holy Spirit, and by a Math. 1 vs 18-29, Lk 1 vs 45.

3. His death and ressurection was also a proof that He is  the son of God Who came to die for the redemption of world 

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Category: Introduction to Mark`s Biography of Jesus
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May 16, 2011
Define "Compassion"?
Compassion is feeling the pains that others feel and having the mind to bear their burden with them.  In the texts provided, although the main purpose of Jesus coming to the world is to come and preach salvation to perishing souls and despite the fact that the task is enough in itself, Jesus still find time to attend to people who are being oppressed by one problem or the other.  He will pass by a person in need without giving solution to the problem.  He went about healing, delivering, and preaching the gospel to lost souls

By: BOLANLE TAIWO ODERINDE - May 16, 2011 - Public
Category: Compassionate - Helping the Hurting
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