June 27, 2011
What do you think might have led Joseph of Arimathaea to be a disciple of Jesus?
Joseph of Arimathaea might have witnessed the work of Jesus, listened to His words on Salvation and have read the sciptures about the coming Messiah all these coupled with his witness of the crucifixtion of Jesus.

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Category: The Burial of Jesus
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June 23, 2011
Why did the multitude want Barabbas released rather than Jesus?
The people were against Jesus so they preferred a criminal to Jesus.  They were envious of Jesus. At that particular time, the devil has blindfolded their eyes to see that Jesus is their Saviour.  Also, the gospel must be fulfilled.  Becuase it has been written that it is pertinent for Jesus to die to save the whole world.  Even up till today people still prefer deceit rather the truth.

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Category: Jesus Before Pilate
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June 21, 2011
Why did Jesus´ penalty for "sin" need to include physical and emotional pain - why not just spiritual separation from God?
It cannot be physical separation from God alone because He came to show us His love by becoming human like us.  He must feel physical pain pain because He became human being at that particular time.  Also, those who reject the salvation of Jesus in the end will not only be separated spiritually but will involve physical pain as laid down in the book of revelation. It said that they will suffer day and night.  Their worm will not die.  He has shown us the example of what we will experience if we refuse His offer of salvation.

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Category: Timeline & Words - Final Hours of Execution
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June 10, 2011
"Which of these purposes do you believe Jesus accomplished?"
Jesus accomplished all of these purposes.  He showed His love towards all mankind. up till now we still enjoy this love of God. The good new was preached to sinners.  As someone who has been saved through hearing of this good news we should continue to preach this good news to others.  He gave Himself for us on he cross of Calvary. Let us sacrifice our resources for the progress of the gospel.  He has given us abundant.  Heaven is a home for every believer.  We have eternal life through Jesus Christ. We must also help others to understand the Kingdom of
God as Jesus Did.

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Category: Statements of Purpose
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June 07, 2011
How does Jesus link intimacy to him with obedience to him?" a "New" commandment?
If you love a person, the love you have for the person will make you to do whatever such a person says.  One way to show our love to Him is to be obedient to Him.  And part of His commandment is that we have to love one another.  That is the new commandment.  When we love one another, we portray the love of God.  It is when we love one another that the love of God can spread especially to those in our environment which will eventually convince them to join force with the family of Christ.

By: BOLANLE TAIWO ODERINDE - June 07, 2011 - Public
Category: Invite Me to be Close to You
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