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August 29, 2011
Why does Jesus call "Love One Another" a "New" commandment?

Before the coming of Christ to earth the 10 commandments (the Law) was the instrument or code of discipline. Mankind was not disciplined of free will or from the heart. They were afraid of the law implying that had the law not existed there will be more of chaos as every one would be more concern only of self.The law instilled in the people fear and the people were not adapted to act of free will...in love.

The coming of Christ was the greatest act of love of God, to show as an example how freely He loves mankind. He gave His best out of free will as an act of love and as a lesson to mankind to do likewise; indeed, how He expects us to be. How He expects us to behave to one another.

Jesus like His Father, inaddition to His teachings and behavior showed what greater love is, when He went as far as laying down His Life for His friends...mankind. He paid a debt which He did not owe on the cross for mankind. Agape love.

This to mankind was a very strange behavior especially to a people who lived under a bondage, the Law, through which they could not express themselves freely, the law of self. The way of Jesus as the way of His Father were very strange to the people at the time thus NEW.

Love can never flow in bondage. The coming of Christ ushered in an era of free grace where people can in freedom express themslves freely, showing to one another an affection that is of one's own free will and desire as would be pleasing in one's own heart.Loving another as loving yourself. Doing to others as you will want them do to you. That is a new commandment that summarises all the 10. Loving one another. Don't love because the law spells or orders it. Love and show love because it comes naturally from the heart to do it and freely too.

This is new as opposed to the former way of life in bondage. Jesus wants us to love and believe in Him naturaly and from the heart.

God says.."whosoever believes in Him." God is not compeling anyone. The conscious one, who from his or her heart does believe, the reward will become his or her portion... "no perishing and eternal life".

This method of God, appealing to mankind to respond voluntarily from his heart and not from threats of a law, is indeed and indeed new. Will man heed to it as he would have done under the law"

Glory be to God.

By: Che Theophilus Che - August 29, 2011 - Public
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August 26, 2011
How does being forgiven increase ones love for God? Note: According to Jesus, God`s forgiveness is motivated by love.

I will begin by saying that Jesus' words of forgiveness relieves me of a lump or burden in my heart. His words give me an inner peace which, to be honest, passes all understanding.

Who on earth can provide such eternal relieve" Who on earth would take the time and sacrifice to take that burden, infact pull me out of darkness and wash me with such pains and love" Only JESUS.

Its not just being forgiven, the process and the concern say it all that the love of God surpasses everything.Only a fool will fail to recognize it. That why , infact, for me, though I may think that my love for God has increased, each day, as I still experience much more of His love (from the time I gave my life to Him and asked Him to take control of it), I still find that my increase is still insufficient and for sure, will not be able to meet the expected increase of love for God. I am still striving  more and more to love Him. Glory be to God. 

By: Che Theophilus Che - August 26, 2011 - Public
Category: God Forgives You, If You Ask
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August 22, 2011
What is the Kingdom of God?
The Kingdom of God is the Power of God, the Presence of God, the Word of God that has life and is active, the Authority of God, the Secrets and Treasures of God, the answer to every human need,the solution to every problem, in fact God's manifest to mankind.

By: Che Theophilus Che - August 22, 2011 - Public
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August 18, 2011
"According to Jesus, what does it mean to be loved by God?"

To be loved by God, is for God to disclose Himself to us,give Himself to us, protect us, and to a great extent make His Home in us.

Indeed He will be with us as we are in Him through obedience of His Word, loving Him, knowing Him and believing in Him.

By: Che Theophilus Che - August 18, 2011 - Public
Category: God Loves & Values You
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August 15, 2011
Does Jesus believe lowly people are valuable? How valuable?

Ofcourse. Jesus believed that lowly people are valuable.Lowliness is synonymous to humility and oppose to pride, not the affliction or predicament. The Bible says that God resists the proud and loves the humble.

The epitome of God is love and this is the fundamental reason for sending Jesus to the world to save those, who in their humility will be petinent enough to realize their wrong doing and repent of it to be saved.

Those who criticized Jesus for mingling with the lowly were blinded and ignorant in their pride thus misunderstanding the reason behind the coming of Jesus into the world through God's love.

Accepting Christ is accepting God who is LOVE. Only then can salvation take place and this highly valuable for Christ's coming and life in eternity.  

By: Che Theophilus Che - August 15, 2011 - Public
Category: Befriending and Promoting the Lowly
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