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February 25, 2012
How did Jesus` death benefit people?
Jesus' death brought freedom to the people who were under the bondage of sin and death of body and soul.

By: John Hagan - February 25, 2012 - Public
Category: Jesus Taken to Annas
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February 19, 2012
How can we experience the peace Jesus promised when we are in difficult circumstances?
We can experience peace in difficult circumstances only when we ask for the needed peace in His name.Its a promise He made to those who believe and have faith in Him.

By: John Hagan - February 19, 2012 - Public
Category: The Disciples` Grief Will Turn to Joy
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February 19, 2012
In what ways is it better to have the Holy Spirit with us, than to have Jesus` physical presence on earth?
The presence of Jesus was good to some extend but having the Holy Spirit with us is in a way better in the sense that the later was to help us understand the teachings of Jesus.   

By: John Hagan - February 19, 2012 - Public
Category: The Work of the Holy Spirit
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February 11, 2012
Why did Jesus wash the disciples` feet when Judas was present, rather than watiing until that betrayer had left?
Until Judas left them.he was a disciple of Jesus so his presence was of no bother to Jesus.As a fact he had all the chance to change his mind but was blinded with the betrayal money.

By: John Hagan - February 11, 2012 - Public
Category: Jesus Washes His Disciples` Feet
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February 09, 2012
Why are Jesus` followers called "children of light"?
The children of God here means those disciples and people who heard Him and believed that He was sent to bring the good news about salvation to man.Since by doing what He teaches gets one closer to God,thereby lifting themselves from the darkness of ignorance,so knowing and doing what Hw teaches puts them in the path of God which is light.  

By: John Hagan - February 09, 2012 - Public
Category: Jesus Predicts His Death
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