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fransisca juliana

38 years old

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ChildrenProud parent
EducationCollege graduate

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Group: Daily Jesus Study Group

 Latest Blog Entries
Title: what is Gehenna    Posted: 20-June-2007
Title: what`s the meaning of yet even the dogs under the table eat the children`s crumbs ?    Posted: 17-June-2007
Title: Jesus did not want to do miracles outside of Israel, yet the woman`s faith and persistence led to healing. What do you learn from this?    Posted: 17-June-2007
Title: Why did Jesus? penalty for sin need to include physical and emotional pain - why not just spiritual separation from God?    Posted: 17-May-2007
Title: how u describe Jesus mentioned that He has separated frm His Father by spirit ?    Posted: 15-May-2007
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 Views On Jesus
7 of 10: My current level of knowledge about Jesus?
10 of 10: My current level of respect/appreciation for Jesus?
I consider Jesus to be
Jesus makes me feel
Loving, Free, Grateful, Healthy, Forgiven, Accepted, Peaceful,
Am I a follower of Jesus: Yes
What is my journey/story with Jesus?
HE company me everytime
How has Jesus helped me (with self, family, work)?
HE give me way to solve problems n remind me to strength in facing problems
How has Jesus changed me?
i can`t solve anything without HIM
How do I describe "A relationship with Jesus?"
friend n peer
How have I experienced Jesus?
HE listen to my pray when i fee willing to have children n give me a beautifull daughter.
Why and how did I become a follower of Jesus?
frm my parents religion