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Michael Stipa I have been attending a new church, would like to learn more about Bible and Jesus
53 years old
Pitman, NJ
United States of America

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Why Iím using this websiteTo have a greater spiritual connection
Interestsskiing, hockey, the great outdoors
MusicNeil Young, Allman Brothers, Red Hot Chili Peppers
MoviesField of Dreams, Ferris Buellers Day Off, Goodfellas
FoodAnything Italian

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HometownAudubon, NJ
EducationSome college

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Group: Daily Jesus Study Group

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Title: How can one increase his faith to be the size of a mustard seed? (see also Luke 17:5-19)    Posted: 15-May-2011
Title: Jesus described his generation as "Faithless and perverse". How would Jesus describe your generation?    Posted: 24-October-2008
Title: Joseph from the town of Arimathaea was a wealthy Jewish religious leader. What risk did he take and why was he willing to do this? Note: Isaiah 53:9 - "And they made His grave with the wicked, But with the rich at His death."    Posted: 07-September-2008
Title: Jesus took three of his disciples to the top of a mountain to experience dead prophets now alive, and a voice from a cloud saying, "This is my beloved Son, listen to him." If you were one of the disciples, what impact would this experience ha    Posted: 05-August-2007
Title: Jesus was commited to sacrifice his own life. What did he mean by the statement, "For who ever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake and the gospel will save it"?    Posted: 05-August-2007
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