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Eddy O Blog of Edward Oliver
60 years old
Santa Maria, CA
United States of America

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 Interests and Personality
About MeI Love JESUS CHRIST!52 year old Father of a Blessed Son.Former Big wave Surfer before tow ins existed and took all the work and skill out of surfing.MY wife divorced me and I seek to serve CHRIST.Vote Daily supporting Christian Issues at ACLJ.org Every vote is 1 more person JESUS will NOT Deny before HIS HOLY FATHER as WE `Make a Stand for CHRIST` in this world that is trying to Re-Crucify HIM!(Again as satan did the 1st Coming)I forward Bible Studies to Twitter.com and FaceBook. Thankful my son is sleeping in his Room.I AM Blest by Jesus Centrals Daily Bible Studies and Thankful for ALL the Daily Studies available to me through the internet.Peace.
Why Iím using this websiteTo Learn MORE about the GOD WE Serve and HIS ONLY begotten Son.
InterestsGOD, Surfing, music, Life and The Precious Son God Blest me with.
MusicI try and keep up on playing drums,guitar and Harmonica.I like Audio Adrenaline,Tree63,Jaci Velasquez(some songs)Kings and Priests and many Praise and Worship songs!DC Talk,Too many gifted artists out there to mention.
MoviesThe 3-Stooges(Happy/Comedy), Action,Good triumphing over evil! Decent content as much as possible.

 Background and Lifestyle
HometownSan Luis Obispo
ReligionChristian - other
ChildrenProud parent
EducationSome college

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 Views On Jesus
9 of 10: My current level of knowledge about Jesus?
10 of 10: My current level of respect/appreciation for Jesus?
I consider Jesus to be
Friend, Forgiver, God, Guide, Historical Person, Lord, Prophet, Son of God, Teacher
Jesus makes me feel
Loving, Stable, Calm, Free, Grateful, Healthy, Forgiven, Clean, Purposeful, Accepted, Valuable, Not alone, Secure, Wise, Peaceful, Unworthy
Am I a follower of Jesus: Yes
What is my journey/story with Jesus?
If you have troubles or worries from this world...Don`t worry..Be Happy!JESUS accepted and Loved me though I was living in sin.HE will cleanse Anyone of unrighteousness if `Only you will open your heart and Sincerely Repent of whatever sin is seperating you from having the Holy/Personal Relationship with The Son of GOD`!
How has Jesus helped me (with self, family, work)?
Now I know JESUS I don`t want to be dishonest in any areas of my life.CHRIST,(although I have loved HIM since Birth)allowed me Free will. It seems when WE (humans) have free will, We abuse it! I know personally CHRIST was there throughout my life protecting me from the evil one no matter how lost I was!HE will never leave us nor forsake US!No matter how far out we may be? HE wishes that none should perish and that ALL should come to repentence.(Even satan. But that is an impossiblilty as satan has already sealed his fate) WE don`t have to!I`m Blest GOD so loved me..John3:16!
How has Jesus changed me?
From being a drug addicted trouble maker Proud pro Surfer to being a Loving and Caring Father to my Son. Leading by example and letting GOD work through my actions.
How do I describe "A relationship with Jesus?"
Very Personal. Intimate. Blest! HOLY. Exciting. Wonderful. Sacred.The Best Thing that EVER happened to me!
How have I experienced Jesus?
Visions and HIS Truth manifest itself in reality in my life. Through HIS HOLY SPIRIT that bring forth Life, HE has allowed me to be chastened that I came to repentence.Through Daily Studying HIS HOLY Word and Examples.
Why and how did I become a follower of Jesus?
HE has had me from Birth. I was raised a Catholic and ran away at an early age. There was something wrong and I didn`t know what. CHRIST allowed me free will that led me to surfing all over,getting on drugs and partying everywhere to the point that it was a way of life. CHRIST pulled me from the pit of hell and rescued me and although I went to prison for drugs; HIS Good works were being done in my life! I used the time to go from string muscle fron surfing 24/7 to bulking up from lifting weights every day and eating 3 meals a day and studying ALL the Beautiful resources that were in prison if you really looked. They had a Chapel and tons of gifted talented people that It actually turned from what I thought was `The End`, to a New Beginning.
Why and how did I become a follower of Jesus?
My life was a mess after being involved with illegal drugs.CHRIST had HIS HOLY SPIRIT holding me through the difficult times as in the poem `Footprints`.After being sick of living lies for years there has to come a point in each of our lives to decide the Truth. The Truth IS Listening to the words of JESUS and letting them settle into your heart.Eventually you will love being happy because you`re doing what Honors OUR Father in Heaven. Being good for Christ` sake.Obedience is not an option as we have and had Free will. GOD does not force anything on anyone.We choose to disobey what we know in our hearts to be right. Type in a search engine:`Son of Perdition` and see if it doesn`t change your mind before you might take sin lightly?