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Makarand Phatak

United States of America

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Title: Jesus warned him, Behold, you are made well. Sin no more, so that nothing worse happens to you. It appears that many people in today`s world are ignoring this type of warning. What are possible reasons?    Posted: 12-January-2007
Title: Why do you think some people do not call Jesus the Savior of the world? They are not against Jesus but they are not influenced by Jesus. Why?    Posted: 12-January-2007
Title: Why do some people need signs and wonders to believe in Jesus, and others do not?    Posted: 11-January-2007
Title: What is the harvest, who sows it and who reaps it?    Posted: 09-January-2007
Title: What type of water is Jesus offering to the woman so that she will never thirst again?    Posted: 08-January-2007
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