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Title: Why does Jesus place commandments to actively love above commandments to refrain from evil (thou shall not…)? Note: Jesus answered with two quotations from the Jewish law about loving God (Deuteronomy 6:4), and about loving neighbors (Lev    Posted: 24-August-2007
Title: What perspective did Jesus have, that may have reduced his personal interest in getting married? Note: Nothing in the four primary biographies discuss Jesus being married.    Posted: 24-August-2007
Title: Jesus said certain items belong to God that should be given back (rendered) to God. What are these items?    Posted: 22-August-2007
Title: What is Jesus trying to teach with this parable? Hint: The vineyard (where grapes are grown) is Israel; The farmer is God; the servants are the prophets who were sent by God; the son is Jesus; and the tenants are religious leaders of the Jews.    Posted: 22-August-2007
Title: Why did Jesus answer their question with a question? Why didn`t he just say that his authority came from God?    Posted: 22-August-2007
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