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41 years old

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 Interests and Personality
About MeI am humble and from a very humble background.I love Jesus Christ as my personal savior.Am a low income earner and i do believe that God will help me up so that my children may one day get good education in order for them to have a bright future better than mine even if it is through sponsors.Am a sports loving person especially football,but above all i love my God and all my life depends on him.
Why Iím using this websiteAm using this website because i love browsing the internet and being a christian this is a site that builds me up spiritualy.
InterestsFellowship and sharing the love of Jesus and his great works in our lives.
MusicGospel music.
MoviesDocumentaries and religious programs.
FoodBalanced diet.
HeroesMartin Luther,Nelson Mandela,Desmon Tutu.

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Group: Daily Jesus Study Group

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Title: What are the childlike qualities necessary to enter the Kingdom of Heaven?    Posted: 17-May-2010
Title: Why did Jesusī penalty for "sin" need to include physical and emotional pain - why not just spiritual separation from God?    Posted: 15-May-2010
Title: "Was Jesus trying to incite his death (eg. temple cleansing, accusation of leaders?)    Posted: 10-May-2010
Title: "Which of these purposes do you believe Jesus accomplished?"    Posted: 06-May-2010
Title: How does being forgiven increase ones love for God? Note: According to Jesus, God`s forgiveness is motivated by love.    Posted: 28-April-2010
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 Views On Jesus
8 of 10: My current level of knowledge about Jesus?
10 of 10: My current level of respect/appreciation for Jesus?
I consider Jesus to be
Friend, Forgiver, God, Guide, Lord, Son of God, Teacher
Jesus makes me feel
Loving, Stable, Calm, Free, Grateful, Healthy, Forgiven, Clean, Purposeful, Accepted, Valuable, Not alone, Secure, Wise, Peaceful,
Am I a follower of Jesus: Yes
What is my journey/story with Jesus?
Jesus has helped me through many hard times.
How has Jesus helped me (with self, family, work)?
Jesus teaches us how to live in love with one another as brothers and sisters.
How has Jesus changed me?
Jesus has set me free.He has given me confidence because i know he loves and cares for me.
How do I describe "A relationship with Jesus?"
A relationship with Jesus is the best and can be compared to non.His grace is amazing.
How have I experienced Jesus?
I have experienced Jesus when for example,He sends wonderful people towards us when in need and He also uses us to help others when they need our help.This is as a result of the love that He puts in our hearts when we accept Him into our lives.
Why and how did I become a follower of Jesus?
I come from a christian family and thus i had a christian upbringing right from sunday school.