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David Amoateng

31 years old

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Title: Luke describes how the angel Gabriel predicted the birth of Jesus to his mother Mary. According to Luke, what did the angel Gabriel predict as the future role of Jesus? Note: The name Jesus is the Greek form of Joshua, which means "God saves."    Posted: 13-September-2011
Title: In anticipation of what is ahead, Jesus experiences intense emotions, described as trouble, distress and exceeding sorrow. What final decision does Jesus make here in discussion with his "Abba Father" (daddy)?    Posted: 30-August-2011
Title: Peter was convinced that he would be loyal to Jesus even if it meant dying. Who would you sincerely be willing to die for?    Posted: 29-August-2011
Title: Why does Jesus encourage focusing on the daily task at hand and discourage predicting the future?    Posted: 26-August-2011
Title: Jesus claimed that after a future period of destruction and distress, he (The Son of Man) will come back to earth with great power and glory. What did Jesus say he would do at that time?    Posted: 25-August-2011
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