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34 years old

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 Interests and Personality
About MeI interest love jesus. He is my savior
Why Iím using this websiteTo know about God
InterestsCamera man

 Background and Lifestyle
EducationIn college

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Title: Why is it OK with God to pay the one who worked all day the same amount paid to the one who worked only an hour?    Posted: 12-April-2011
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 Views On Jesus
10 of 10: My current level of knowledge about Jesus?
10 of 10: My current level of respect/appreciation for Jesus?
I consider Jesus to be
Fable, Friend, Forgiver, God, Guide, Historical Person, Liar, Lord, Lunatic, Prophet, Son of God, Teacher
Jesus makes me feel
Angry, Loving, Stable, Calm, Confined, Free, Resentful, Grateful, Healthy, Forgiven, Clean, Purposeful, Accepted, Lonely, Secure, Wise, Peaceful, Defensive,
Am I a follower of Jesus: Yes
What is my journey/story with Jesus?
Belive in God
How has Jesus helped me (with self, family, work)?
By pray
How has Jesus changed me?
By Read the bible
How do I describe "A relationship with Jesus?"
By pray
How have I experienced Jesus?
By read the bible&pray
Why and how did I become a follower of Jesus?
To get life
Why and how did I become a follower of Jesus?
By read