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Tress Faith

26 years old
United Kingdom

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Group: Daily Jesus Study Group

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Title: If Jesus appeared to you today and asked you to follow him. What would you tell him?    Posted: 20-June-2012
Title: What made Peter so afraid to be identified with Jesus? Why are many people today still afraid to identify with Jesus?    Posted: 20-June-2012
Title: Why did Jesus` penalty for sin need to include physical and emotional pain - why not just spiritual separation from God?    Posted: 27-May-2012
Title: Was Jesus trying to incite his death?    Posted: 27-May-2012
Title: Which of these purposes do you believe Jesus accomplished?    Posted: 27-May-2012
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 Views On Jesus
5 of 10: My current level of knowledge about Jesus?
8 of 10: My current level of respect/appreciation for Jesus?
I consider Jesus to be
Friend, Forgiver, Guide, Son of God, Teacher
Jesus makes me feel
Calm, Accepted, Not alone, Secure, Peaceful,
Am I a follower of Jesus: Yes
What is my journey/story with Jesus?
I`ve never been accepted most my life,when Jesus came and helped me. When I had a dream I saw an angel taking me to Heaven. It changed my life and my faiths grown ever since. I started talking to God and suddenly I found that God was bringing me to Jesus and I felt his presence. Not long after I started going to church again and twice on Holy week I saw Jesus in a dream. He made me feel not alone and drew me to other people and gave me courage. I was in hospital last Christmas where I met a lady who told me the most wonderful true story. The lady`s son had died in the army. She said she was filled with despair after her loss but Jesus appeared to her in her home and raised is arms and she was overcome with joy. I wish you could have seen her face, the love in her eyes, you`d have known Jesus is with us now.
How has Jesus helped me (with self, family, work)?
He`s helped me with my weaknesses He`s given me courage at work He`s my guide
How has Jesus changed me?
I`m not perfect but Jesus helps me day today
How do I describe "A relationship with Jesus?"
I love everything about him
How have I experienced Jesus?
Talked to him, seen prayers answered. I saw Jesus twice in a dream.
Why and how did I become a follower of Jesus?
I have this desire in my heart to do as he asks. I know the only way is to give up self and let God take over control of my life.
Why and how did I become a follower of Jesus?
Talked to God and asked for guidence.