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 Course Information
 Start Date
Course Starts On 13-April-2009.
Course Description ''Jesus 101''

This brief introductory course surveys Jesus` life and teaching, with an emphasis on Jesus` own quotations.

Time Requirement

  • The course is designed for those willing to study 1 hour per week for 6 weeks.
  • Each week covers two lessons requiring approximately 30 minutes each.
  • You will be reminded of your lessons by email on Monday and Thursday of each week, and you should complete them within 3 days.

Unit 1 Context of Jesus
Date Description
04 13, 2009
Brief Life Summaries
04 16, 2009
First Century Context and History
Unit 2 Characteristics of Jesus
Date Description
04 20, 2009
Compassionate - Helping the Hurting
04 23, 2009
Befriending and Promoting the Lowly
Unit 3 Core Messages
Date Description
04 27, 2009
God Loves & Values You
04 30, 2009
Good News: the Kingdom of God has come...
05 04, 2009
God Forgives You, If You Ask

Unit 4 Instructions to Followers
Date Description
05 07, 2009
Love One Another
05 11, 2009
Invite Me to be Close to You
Unit 5 The Cross
Date Description
05 14, 2009
Statements of Purpose
05 18, 2009
Timeline - Final 1 Week
05 21, 2009
Timeline & Words - Final Hours of Execution


For the introductory student of Jesus (with or without personal faith)

  • Gain a high quality, high-level overview of Jesus` life and words.
  • Appreciate the richness and depth (multiple layers) of Jesus` teaching and character
  • Be equipped with learning techniques to further study Jesus` words on your own (without third party interpretation)

For longer-term students of Jesus (with or without personal faith)

  • Be equipped to succinctly explain Jesus to others or to help someone else study Jesus (The best way to learn something is to think about how to explain it to others.)
  • Explore new angles - particularly from the perspective of a first century Jew

Optional Study Group

You are free to study by yourself. However, you will most likely gain the most by participating in a study group where your thinking will be stimulated by the questions and insights of others.

Course Features

  • Easy-to-Use Lessons: You`ll get an email reminder, which takes you straight to your lesson page, where you can complete the lesson, without leaving the page.
  • Assignment Variety: You`ll be guided through a variety of interesting assignments just by clicking through an assignment list.
  • Optional Study Resources: You`ll have access to a categorized reference into Jesus` words and life, a search tool, Scholar contributions, and "Editor`s Choice" suggested material from the web.
  • Journal: Save your thoughts and questions (private or public), categorized by topic or date.
  • My Favorites: Bookmark your favorite material, including weblinks, and files.
  • Profile: You can let others learn about you and discover your recent journal entries (blogs), and favorite material

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