You Were Created to Love and Be Loved - What would Jesus say to you?

  You Were Created to Love and Be Loved

The big picture message of Jesus is:

In one sentence:

  • You were created to love and be loved!

In one page:

  • There is a Supreme God who created all things
  • This Creator God defines Himself as love
  • He created people to express His love
  • His deep desire is that people walk with Him in a relationship of love, pure and without blame
  • When He created the first people, His relationship with people gave them purpose, security, belonging and value
  • God also gave people a choice
  • A relationship of love involves choice, it can not be forced, or it is merely control
  • With that freedom of choice, people decided to rebel against God
  • With a broken relationship from God, it created a need for people to go find elsewhere their needed purpose, security, belonging and value
  • People now look to the world and others to fill their deepest needs, but this can only happen through a restored relationship with the Creator God
  • God did not give up on people and sought a solution to restore relationships with people
  • God’s solution was to come down to earth in human form (Jesus), and prove His love by paying a huge sacrifice (greater love has no man than this…)
  • Jesus’ message is that God wants us to live abundantly, yet this requires us living in harmony with our Creator and each other, and having the purpose of serving others.
  • Would you like to restore your relationship with your Creator through Jesus?

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You were created to love and be loved...Jesus

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