Why Choose Jesus? Eternal Life

Why Choose Jesus? ...

  • The good news is... God deeply desires to walk in a loving relationship with you and to show you His great plan for your life.
  • The problem is... Our disobedience separates us from God, as even the best person falls short of God's standards of perfection.
  • The solution is... God asked Jesus, His only Son, to die on the cross to pay the penalty for our imperfections and to permanently restore our relationship with God.
  • The victory is... God raised Jesus from the dead, so we too can live forever!
  • Jesus' reward is... God put Jesus in charge of all things on heaven and earth, including your life.
  • Your choice is... To become a follower of Jesus, making Jesus your Forgiver, Guide, and best Friend forever

    Do you choose to become a follower of Jesus?...

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