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Why did Jesus´ penalty for "sin" need to include physical and emotional pain - why not just spiritual separation from God?

By: suresh banka
Category: Timeline & Words - Final Hours of Execution
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Love: How has Jesus helped you
iam pooor student helped to me my studies

By: guguloth ramcharante guguloth
Category: My Blog
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Many times in our lives as humans, we expect bigger, higher and better things happening to us.  But at times, live comes as a rude surprise in many shapes. Some people with their experience may say that it is the “Survival of the fittest” norm or that “Tough times don’t last but tough people do” and these are the personal experiences of humans only. But today , I want to share with you a Biblical logic about walking through fire to reach to another level of faith , progress and anointing.

Let me take you through the book of Daniel in the Holy Bible . When Sadrach, Meshach and Abednego – the three ‘Men of God’, who had immense faith on the living God and were known for their exclusive devotion to God alone, were put to a ‘Test of Fire’.  The King Nebuchadnezzar gave orders that they be thrown in a fiery furnace which was preheated seven times the normal temperature, just because they did not bow to his idol. They were so confident that the God whom they worship with complete faith , was able to save them from that fire and even if He chose not to save them, still they would not worship anyone in His place.

Now that is what I call ‘FAITH’. Today, there may be some fiery test in our lives in the form of a problem which may be physical health or financial problem or any dispute in the family or relationships. But if we have faith to say that ‘My God is able to take me out of it and even if He doesn’t , I will not bow to this situation that is pulling me down’ , then my friends, this is what God is looking for. This is the Faith that is honored by God, as we read in the Holy Bible.

These 3 were not only saved from the fire, but were promoted to the next level- Spiritual & Physical and became a living testimony for the living God.

Remember that our faith is tested at every level. And once we go through the test of fire, there is an appraisal, a promotion waiting on the other side of this furnace. I may not know the situation that you are in or the mountain that you face today. But I will encourage you to speak with faith to your mountain to be leveled to the ground , in the Name of Jesus and you will see that God will crush your mountain and level it to the ground.

Even if you are walking through fire, be assured that your God is with you, just as He was with Sadrach, Meshach & Adednego. And if you have been going through this test of fire, then be assured God will honor you with immense blessings – Spiritual & physical.

 Just keep the faith.


Ps.Neetu P Chaudhury

By: Neetu P Chaudhury
Category: My Blog
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