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by the grace of God, there go I
I am so excited to discover this group.  It is great to know that others in recovery share a common faith and spirituality.  The recovery bible has been wonderful.  I hope to meet some of you here that have the same interests as myself.  I love making new friends.  God bless all of you.

By: janice wilson
Category: The Calling of the First Disciples
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hello my name is tabitha
im new to this site ive been clean for 3yrs ive been reading the book on daniel its a great book.. im looking tgo learn everything i can about GOD i hope this group will help me with all the issues i need help in

By: tabitha strucko
Category: My Blog
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My name is Maria. I am new to this site and actually am new at being a christian. I am a recovering addict who has battled for many years searching for something that would offer that false hope, but nothing seemed to work. But thanks be to God for He is the only and one true hope.I am not really sure how this site works but I strive each day to know more and more about God for it is through Him and His grace that gets me through each day. 

By: Maria Thomas
Category: My Blog
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Hi Sara-Welcome

Welcome to the group. Don't know if any of the others in the group are still reading these comments. I still check them 3 or 4 times a week. It is great to share our victories in recovery given soley by our Lord. I'm blessed today by the Father, this is my 3 yr. anniversary. Have a great day. God bless us all.


By: Rory Hance
Category: My Blog
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Thank You Jesus!
What a world we live in where I can come on-line and talk about my Savior!! Praise God, He is the love of my life!! I thank you Father, for giving me your Son. I love you!

By: Sarah Bork
Category: My Blog
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New to the group.
Hi, my name is Rory. I'm new to this group. And you have to forgive me, I'm also new to the "net" But I am in recovery now for three years. I wasted the other 51. Currently I'm serving the Lord as a ministry leader in a small home church. The ministry is Rick Warrens, Celebrate Recovery. I thank God the Father, and His Son, Jesus for my sobriety today. All praise and glory for the wisdom of the Father.

By: Rory Hance
Category: My Blog
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Hi..I am new to this group..just a couple of questions.. Do you use this page only ..basically, i guesss I am asking how this all works?? Can you tell I am fairly new to this site and groups in general on-line??? God Bless, Lori

By: lori landi
Category: Brief Life Summaries
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Glad you are all here!!
I am a pretty wide open Christian, and try to practice tolerance to other views.  So far I seem to be successful, and even have found myself approached by non-Christin peoples in recovery to talk about "God".  Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly......I think we all find Him eventually.

By: Rev. Paul Giacherio
Category: My Blog
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goofed the thing up

You need to remember where you came from while sitting there. I go to church to save my soul. I was so happy when I heard the lords prayer at a meeting.

People started talking about whether it belong there in the meeting. I came full circle with it when I remebered the acceptance and how long it had been since I uttered the words.

I'm not going to church right now. I'm rethinking the supernatural and first cause in the universe. Maybe someday the spirit will desend upon me like a dove.

God is kind of like a soiled dove in the westerns. Deepdown inside shes still perfact. You never know what shes packing. 

Gods gender and color aren't important to me.  I need to walk with the spirit and maintain my sobriety. The spirit may be my own real self for all I know. I have to give it away to keep it.

By: Andre Dotseth
Category: My Blog
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By: Andre Dotseth
Category: My Blog
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