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The Element
My thoughts on the survival of humanity... It has been a long time gone by since every-thing that is any-thing came into existence. Such a long time ago, our brains can hardly fathom the process. Yet here we still are. And to top that off, ‘We are the process at hand!” What we have become was molded into us by the elements of humans and nature made from the millennia past. We are also those elements that will be passed along by us, who will make the elements of the future; A revolving cycle that never ends. We are the elements of all thinkable creatures. We can reason, care for the heart and invent. Quite possibly the most perfect elementary machine ever created. But the most elementary idea of a human soul is the power to make choices. For instance; the lion must kill to survive, he has no other choices and it is in his nature. But the human kills for greed. A different kind of choice a different kind of nature. Even though that idea doesn’t sound so appealing, it is the basic truth of ourselves. Death comes with survival of the fittest. While some elements can make a choice, others cannot. It is a law of the land. The element of Man against the element of beast…who will survive? A hard question with a very difficult process of understanding because the beast isn’t just in the land, this element lives within our very human souls. The idea here is this: There is one single-source of power that mankind could harness and spread throughout all their nations causing the entire world to be at peace. Man truly would lay down with the beast in the pastures. But because of our own nature, our own elements, just as the lion and his feast, we humans also yearn to feast. We just do it in, and most importantly for, other various reasons than survival. It seems our most powerful weapon against the world is the hardest thing to come by, therefore, it has not yet been harnessed by any one species. With man being the most likely to harness it, man is also the most likely to be saved from this power that exists. This weapon I speak of is the power of goodness! Don’t laugh, it is the honest given truth. Man is man’s worse enemy. We torture ourselves everyday with grief that is not necessary. It is the curse of this earth that man would struggle while on this planet for-out all his days. However, it is a blessing that the very force that created us and placed the wretched curse on the earth to start with, also gave us a blessing of goodness to defend ourselves against the darkness that surrounds us. The power of survival becomes the very element of power itself, in that the goodness becomes a part of each and every one of us. Thus; we are harnessing the ultimate element: The Power of Goodness! The force that can save every single thing that exists. Praise The Heavenly Father and Son for having blessed us so!……

By: The Bride of Christ
Category: My Blog
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