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Why did Jesus´ penalty for "sin" need to include physical and emotional pain - why not just spiritual separation from God?
Isaiah 50:6, Psalm 22:16-17, Isaiah 52:14, Isaiah 53:4-6, Isaiah 10-11, Psalm 22:15-16, and Zechariah 12:9-10 tell of Jesus' physical suffering.

By: Selena
Category: Timeline & Words - Final Hours of Execution
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Why did Jesus´ penalty for "sin" need to include physical and emotional pain - why not just spiritual separation from God?

We feel pain in many ways, physical, emotional and even spiritual at times. In order for jesus to relate to us, he had to feel what we feel. Jesus felt everything we feel, saddness( when laz died, he cried for him), happiness( when he preached and was among friends he was happy), even spiritual pain ( take this cup from me father, he told God as he knew he was about to die). Jesus felt so much, so he knows what we feel and he understands it. The connection we have with God is closer than we all think.

By: Attaya Danial
Category: Timeline & Words - Final Hours of Execution
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Spiritual Understanding
Spiritual Understanding is believing in the Words of God that was giving to Jesus who is the Word of God and seeing that everything we do must be spiritual because the devil is a spirit and is out here to destroy the believers us Christ. so if you dont have any spiritual understanding than you want be able to equip yourself(your armor being Jesus Christ) to battle that demon. When you learn The Word of God through Jesus and Pray daily you have spiritual understanding and a armor equipped to you to battle these demons thats out here that we can't see. 

By: Curtis Jones
Category: Brief Life Summaries
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Sriritual Understanding

Father of Jesus and Jesus Christ send us the Holy Spirit.This Holy Spirit enters into our spirit,and then Holy sprit purifies our natural spirit,so that we can have spiritual understanding. Everyday morning and evening and night,we read the bible and pray by the common prayer,for example.And then We get spiritual understanding.Peter knows that Jesus is the Christ by the Father of Jesus Christ in the heaven.Peter knows the Father through Jesus Christ.Father and Jesus revealed that Jesus is theChrist to Peter.By knowing Jesus,Father of Jesus reveals that Jesus is The Christ. Therefore

We must study the Bible for us to know Jesus.

By: Takao Ogawa
Category: Love One Another
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I believe that Spiritual understanding, is a divine idea in the Mind of God.  It is a birth, a quickening, a revelation in the hearts of man of God within.  See here! or See there! For the kingdom of God is within you. (Luke 17:21)  It is absolute intelligence and pure knowingness.  God as omniscience is all-knowing, all knowledge, and when we go within to the depths of our being and we are conscious of our oneness with the Father we will know within our on being that the spring of all wisdom and health and joy is within us.  By following the Spirit that dwells within us, spiritual understanding is the ability of the mind to apprehend and realize the kingdom of God.  Truth is revealed to us who study and practice Truth principles with daily prayer and meditation.  God as Spirit knows what to do and how to accomplish things, when we go daily into the silence, for the quickening or new birth of the Christ consciousness to take place.


How Peter knew that Jesus was the Christ, was through intuition, inner knowingness, (a gift of God), the immediate awareness of spiritual Truth without resort to intellectual means.  Peter relied on Spirit and looked inwardly for understanding, linked to the wisdom of the exalted state of the soul.  This gift within us is more accurate and surer in guidance than the head, which tends to lean on external reasoning.  “Through the power of intuition, man has direct access to all knowledge and the wisdom of God.”

Category: My Blog
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Spiritual Understanding Of the Sower
Sower – the indwelling Christ, speaking the word of Truth to me. The Hearer-Type One: Lacking in spiritual understanding, he hears the word, but his strong belief in material, and physical things obliterates it. The Hearer- Type Two: Hears the word welcomes it and embraces it for a while. However he only has a shallow knowledge of Truth, and when Freddie and Eddie, or trial and tribulations, show up he tosses the word to the side (rocky places). The sprouting seed not having enough roots is burnt by the rays of the sun. The Hearer- Type Three: Hears the word and his mind is like thorny ground. He is obsessed with the physical world, and absorbed in the pursuit of wealth, the deceitfulness, and dishonesty, of riches. These are the thorns that choke the seed and keep it from growing. The Hearer – Type Four: Is listening to the God, he has a love for God, and due to his studies of spiritual things, has a receptive mind. This represents the good ground that produces an abundant harvest. Each of us has the power and value to choose the kind of consciousness that we will have, and our outcome of hearing the word will be either indifferent or beneficial. The seed falls into our mind and responds to our consciousness.

Category: My Blog
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