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A member of my bible study group posed this question. I had no answer,so I thought I would join a group here and toss the question out. So, here is the question: Why would God, who is all knowing and knows all before it happens, put his children (Adam & Eve) in a situation where God knew they would be tempted and fail?

By: Ken Maxwell
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I can only imagine your pain, but, a wise man once told me that in order to be blessed you have to ma ke sure that you are in a position to be blessed...honor God with your living arrangement first and see how He will bless you.  Take care.

By: vee pee
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It is hard to be a Christian in this world.  I am happy at home but when I go out into the world I feel vulnerable.  Please pray with me for strength.

By: Pam Thome
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Hello, Ladies...I'm not gonna bore you w/ my story(one of the major causes of my present difficulties)yet, but I'm so lonely and I neeeed Chirstian fellowship and many of my local churches have rejected us(my son and I) because I live w/ a man "out of wedlock"(7 years). We desperately want to marry, but as I'm on SSI(5 mental/emotional diagnoses), if I marry, I lose 1/2 of my income and all of my medical coverage and we can hardly afford to marry anyway; I'm also trying to care for my 22 y/o son who also has 3 m/e diagnoses, is Learning Disabled, Severely Emotionally Delayed and Deveopmentally Delayed, so $$ is tighter than Scarlett O'Hara's  corset around here(my Fiance needs a brake job on his truck, and I need a "newer" used vehicle, mine is slowly crumbling, a vacuum cleaner and a fridge) one seems to understand this...anyway, I'm anxiously looking for conversation, support, etc. with other Christian women. Warmly, Kiana

By: Kiana Morgan
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