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What do you think might have led Joseph of Arimathaea to be a disciple of Jesus?

Jesus fit the description of the messiah to come.  Though many did not think he did for they were waiting for the Messiah to liberate them from their foes.  Jesus came to liberate from death.  I believe that Joseph and Nicodemus as well, did understand that there was more to the Messiah than freedom from the foe.

By: Margie
Category: The Burial of Jesus
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Why did the soldiers mock Jesus?
The soldiers mocked Jesus for the same reason people mock each other today; they feel insecure and threatened.  That's why Jesus was able to forgive them because they really didn't know what they were doing. 

We hear a lot about bullies in school these days.  We also know that bullies pick on those that are different, those that are less likely to fight back, those that are meek.

By: Margie
Category: The Soldiers Mock Jesus
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Why did the multitude want Barabbas released rather than Jesus?
Some wanted to see the power of Jesus, perhaps they thought he would save himself.  Others hated him for the person he claimed to be, the Son of God.  While others did not appreciate that he came to shake up the rules and regualtions the religion was putting on people. He came to set them free from a  tryrant God and show them the Love of God and people were not ready to live according to The WAY. It was easier to kill Jesus off then to live according to His way.

I think if Christ was here today we too would find a way to crusify him. Or maybe we do it when we dont' speak up against injustice, against abortion or racism, porn or poverty.

By: Margie
Category: Jesus Before Pilate
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What made Peter so afraid to be identified with Jesus? Why are many people today still afraid to identify with Jesus?

Peter was walking behind Jesus at a distance so that he would not be noticed.  Then these people started to point him out and question him, “hey aren’t you one of his disciples? Didn’t I see you in the garden?”   He becomes afraid.

  Jesus was about to die and Peter could do nothing. I believe that fear begin to over take him.  Fear for his own life, fear for his friend, fear, fear, fear.  Fear of the known and the unknown and now he had denied Jesus… Now, fear upon fear and he went out and wept bitterly.  At that moment Peter probably didn’t feel like the rock Jesus said he was.

Why are people afraid to identify with Jesus?  Maybe they too are afraid of the questions,  "Aren't you suppose to be Christian?  Didn't I see you at that wild party?   You go to church? 

By: Margie
Category: Peter Disowns Jesus
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Why did not the Father let the cup pass and spare Jesus the pain of the crucifiction?
It seems like such a contradiction.  Jesus asking His Father to let the cup pass and then later on Jesus declares that he could have a legion of angels to defend him. 

Jesus goes back to find Peter, James and John asleep, and he says to them "The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.  Perhaps he was even saying it to himself.  He was human and he felt pain and he had emotions... the flesh of him at that moment was weak, but His Spirit was willing.  He was willing to obey the Father, and because of His willingness, God sent him angels to console him...

I believe that Jesus, God the Father and the Holy Spirit are one, and Jesus was true God and true man, this scripture shows the human side of Christ and a lesson to us all that even in our darkest hour we need to trust that God our Father is with us and he will console us, He will let us pass through hardship, but if we do it in love we will over come.  We have nothing to fear... Jesus was brave to continue his mission. 


By: Margie
Category: Gethsemane
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Why do you think Peter was so emphatic and yet so wrong about denying Jesus?

Peter loved Jesus and knew that Jesus was the Son of God.  He was with Jesus from the begining, he witnessed the power of Jesus.  It was easy for him to believe in the power of Jesus and to have that unshakable faith while Jesus was standing strong and firm. 

Once Jesus was arrested and did not resist it became a whole new story.  Where was the Jesus that healed the sick and made the blind see, where was the Jesus that spoke out in truth?  Where was the Jesus that over turned tables and silenced the demons?  He was being taken away. 

  The human element of fear struck Peter. His friend, his teacher, the son of God was being taken away and Peter perhaps thought, what power do I have to fight against this if Jesus won't.  He hung his head down and cried bitterly.  I think I would have too.   

By: Margie
Category: Jesus Predicts Peter`s Denial
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Why was the woman`s act so pleasing to Jesus?
Because she was showing graditude for her salvation.  Showing graditude should always be first priority in our lives. 

  The diciples were indignant perhaps because they had yet to "feel" the saving power of Christ.  They were still trying to make "earth" in to heaven..

By: Margie
Category: Jesus Anointed at Bethany
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Since Jesus knew that He was to be crucified, why did He not just avoid trouble by leaving town?
.... He could have ran.. but what would that have done to his message?  What would have happened to his credibility?  It would have been destroyed. A great message to learn from his acceptance to do the Will of the Father is that… There is MORE to life than this earthly stay.  We don’t have to be afraid to leave this world…

By: Margie
Category: The Plot Against Jesus
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