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why was I erased 10/15/09 posting

I posted "my story" as the site encourages us to do. I enjoyed reading others testimonies. Then I come back the next day and my membership is erased.

Did you delete me Tony? Is there a bug with this website?

My feelings were hurt. I am not a looney tune, really. I am a genuine believer. What happened?  I had to rejoin.

By: Bianca Alabaster
Category: My Blog
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Heres My Story ~ Part 2

When I got back to work, my face was shining! I went up to my coworker Lil and she said, "what happened to you?" I told her: I think I met God! She was praying real hard for me. (I was NOT a Christian, I didn't know any Christians, never had a Bible. I was raised a Catholic and left that a long time ago. I became an athiest when my dad died in late 1994.)

I told her that I talked with God and I think I was saved; though I never said, save me God. She said she'd call Ken and he'd come up and talk with me. (Ken was the leader of the little Bible study group she was going to.) He came up and met with me and said "You are a brand plucked from the fire." He said that Jesus saved me and I need to get to know Him. I said yes, that is what I must do now.

He invited me to their once a week Bible study. That next week, I went and we were all crying for joy. I got to thank the very people who MOVED GOD INTO ACTION. Their intercessary prayer is what reached the gates of Heaven and tugged on God's heart for my sake. We all cried and cried, they had been praying for me for a month!

I met with the study group every week. Ken invited me to his church, I went every weekend. The Lord helped me get rid of my magic book, all my crystals, my walking staff, and my magic wand. Ken bought me a Bible.

I was Baptized Aug. 10, 1996 in a beautiful lake in Washington and came home to Jesus in a beautiful little chapel church.

He's never left my side and I've never left his.

A fellow at work who saw me in the elevator with a "Magic book" and then two weeks later a "Holy Bible" said: "I have to ask you what is going on?"  I told him "I was saved at the park, Jesus is real." We started talking and hanging out, going camping, we became good friends and he accepted Jesus as his saviour and was Baptized a year later. Mind you, he was a total stranger. This was a divine appointment.

My coworker Lil recommitted her life to the Lord 6 months after my Baptism.

God does miracles all the time. I'm proof.

I'm still happy and on fire for Jesus. :)

By: Bianca Alabaster
Category: My Blog
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Heres My Story Part 1

It's God's story really I'm retelling. On Dec. 4, 1995 at midnight during a full moon I was going to cut myself with flint and perform a ritual and make a covenant with father sky and mother earth so I could call my dead father and brother's spirit up. It would happen on Tiger Mt. in Issaquah. At noon I went to a park because I was told by my sorcerer that I could die. [If you haven't guessed, I was into the occult]. I had started to beleive in the Big God- God and a lot of other gods, so I talked to the Big God first and I forgave EVERYONE who ever wronged me my entire life. Then I wished them peace. I felt sad for myself, "who would forgive me, who wants peace for me?", I said.

That's when I said it "God if you are there, you have 1 hour to explain yourself, why you let my dad die, come down here and talk to me. Do I have your permission to make this covenant?" And I took a huge breath (I was crying) and I held out my hand. 

I felt peace come to me, I felt a presence take my hand. I knew HE was there! I heard Him speak softly in my head. "No you do not have my permission child. I am not father sky or mother earth, that is the evil one." I was shaking with joy. He started pouring answers into my head before I could ASK the questions. He already knew what was in my heart.

He told me second, "there is a great divide between you and your father and brother, you cannot see them until The Last Day." He told me to get to know Jesus and find a people in church that followed ALL of the Bible. To get a Bible and really study it.

He told me that Jesus was all that I needed and none of my other ways or idols or crystals.

He told me that HE is the one who cares for me and loves me with an immeasurable love and HE already forgave me and HE will always give me peace.

My lunch hour was up and my walk had ended. I praised God and thanked him for coming to me even though I was pushy. He laughed and was gone. I felt his joy. I was so joyful I cannot even describe it.

He had already prepared a path for me.

By: Bianca Alabaster
Category: My Blog
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Happy Easter to all
I hope that everyone takes time this weekend to refelect on what Jesus actually did for us to give his life to wash away our sins so that we could have a new life ,a new realtionship with him . Please go out this weekend and do some kind of act of kindness to someone else , help someone ,serve some one , give somthing back to your comunity that you live in show love to your neighbours and your enemies , spend time with your family and children , ASK GOD TODAY to work threw you to do his will and rember to smile and "Shine" when you are doing his work .God  Bless you all .

By: Tony
Category: The Cost of Following Jesus
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Rudy & Dale HulstrromTo TonySubject My testimony for youMessage A Message For You...... It took 15 years of hard work, but I finally succeeded in destroying two marriages, while shattering the relationship with my only daughter at the same time, to this day. In the process there was the loss of numerous jobs, each one less dignified than the last, due to an increasing abuse of alcohol, which I had blamed on the aforementioned problems. But had begun much earlier. Both family and friends advised me to “straighten up”but neglected to tell me how or where to go. So I simply continued to wallow in my self pity. After all, I worked for it, I earned it and no one was going to cheat me out of it. I have my pride you know! This led to the gradual removal of family and friends. It’s funny, when your money runs out so do your “friends.” Now I’ve always thought of myself as being self-sufficient. I did hitch hike across the country and back when I was 17. Makes me shudder to think about that today! Alone and homeless is not a way of life to be encouraged, but it does test one’s survival skills. Bumming nickels and dimes kept the beer flowing and there was always a half eaten Whopper or Big Mac to be found. Now it’s July 1981, I’m 35 years old and wish I was dead, so helpless, so alone. After 6 days in a detox getting the wrinkles out and clearing the head, I wanted to continue this ”rehabilitation”. After all there was a place to sleep with a roof and food. Then I was admitted to the Salvation Army Harbor Light program at the Freedom Center 1515 w Monroe in Chicago. Here I met Christian people that had gone through the same things that happened to me. But these were people that were content, happy, not bitter, full of guilt and shame or mad at the world as I was. They could even laugh at their nightmarish experiences. They had a hope for the future, a purpose for living and a goal to pursue which I had known nothing about. God, church and the Bible were subjects never considered in my family and I grew up ignorant of such things. Weddings and funerals being the only time I saw the inside of a church. But here through daily Bible study, mid week fellowship and Sunday services, morning and evening along with hospital visitation, the truth of the Word of God began to sink in. After saying the sinner’s prayer and accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of my life, a young officer reminded me that, “you got straight through prayer, Bible study and Christian service and that you will stay straight through prayer, Bible study and Christian service. This simple formula I still use today. After leaving the program in January of 1984 I met a wonderful Christian woman, Dale is her name. She is the light of my life. We were married in June of the same year. Over these last 23 years God has blessed us in to many ways to mention. Most of all in granting us health to work together to build our new life. Today we own our modest mobile home, 2 used cars and have no outstanding debt at all. Not even credit card debt. This we owe to a strict God honoring budget. I tremble to think what would have happened if I took the other fork in the road back then. I praise and thank God through Jesus Christ for the new life he gave me and for Christian programs like the Salvation Army Harbor Light that continue to offer this same hope to all who are in need. Rudy Hulstrom 1504 Cardinal. Melrose Park,IL 60160 

By: Tony
Category: The Healing at the Pool
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My name is Maria, I came to know God not that long ago. Before knowing Him my life was not at all good I was into alot of very bad things and going in deeper as time went by. I hung with the wrong crowd and done all the wrong things. I came to know God in a small church revival when I thought my life was pretty much over. A lady I had never met before invited me that night I thought I have nothing to lose. It turned out she was my guardion angel I guess you could say. I never saw that lady again but yet I owe her so much. God not only delivered me from my old life but saved me from Hell forever. Thank you Jesus!

By: Maria Thomas
Category: My Blog
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Good Morning

I would ask all members that before your feet hit the ground ,tell  our Lord that you are here for him and  to use you as he see fit to do his will threw you .

Praise God each and every Day !!!!

By: Tony
Category: My Blog
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walk across the room

Hi My name is Tony i would like to ask all group members if would do me a favour would you please tell me your story how you came to know Christ Who influenced  you? what was your life before you met Christ ? whats it like now ? how have you introduced new people to Christ . i my self have been just recently  baptised and i am on my personal path with Christ,we just did a series in Church Just walk across the room which is about getting out of our comfort zones ,to go out and introduce other people that we dont know to introduce them to the greatest gift that we can give to anyone Jesus .

By: Tony
Category: My Blog
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