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Hi I would like to know more on people thoughts on the end of times, I believe it is coming soon, in my life time. In the bible they mention seer, and that is what I am, I see things that are going to happen, and only now can see that we are at the end of times! what are your thought son this?

By: Joanne Gardipy
Category: Jesus Prays for His Disciples
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Thank you
Lanaia, Thank you so much for posting that. I have been so compelled to talk about the book of Revelations. I too believe that there are a lot of things that are coming to  pass. I just read a book titled 'Jerusalem Countdown' by John Hagee. He is a minister from Houston, TX. He goes into great detail about the things that are happening in relation to the Bible. In his book he talks about the Olive Tree and the branches and roots. Does it seem odd (Great but odd) that Jesus and God  seem to getting so much more popular? There is a connection and the end of days is near. I myself have been a "Christian" my whole life. I've always believed in God, but never had a relationship with Him. Glad to say that has changed. I became a born again Christian in January of this year. I am getting baptized in June. And I have never in my life felt so at peace with myself. I love talking to God and thanking him for everything that He's done for me.I hope that you also have a great relationship with Him and I thank you for starting this group. I would love to talk about the Revelations.

URL: http://www.jesuscentral.com/28330

By: Tanya Micallef
Category: Love for Enemies
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