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Course Currently Studying Daily Jesus Course Start Date: Saturday Jul 01, 2006

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RE: INQUIRY We are a youth group based in Kenya rural community. We are dealing in the following areas of activities -Poverty eradication through cultivation of Horticultural crops -HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention and support of the valuable groups through home based care. -Promoting of youth friendly activities such as sports to elevate idleness and immoral behaviors -Spiritual counseling to the rural youths to address salvation -Promote water and sanitation We are therefore looking for groups, families/organization through well-wishers who can assist the above activities. Thanks Yours Chairman Reymond Otieno Odoyo Phone No: +254723133328

By: Reymond Odoyo
Category: My Blog
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  The love of God i feel so ashame to describe in relation to humanity .  its so sure that we can't measure the LOVE , yet we don't by  our ways appreciate the Father

   what is the world up to ?

Category: A Tree and Its Fruit
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to be with Him, to be at home in his presence

By: Andy Davidson
Category: Jesus Says God Loves You and Is With You
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loved by God?
God will come to be with those He loves. God will disclose himself through Jesus. He sent Jesus for us out of love for us. He knows us and will not let us go.

By: bill krehbiel
Category: Jesus Says God Loves You and Is With You
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Why didn`t Jesus heal everyone or teach the disciples how to end global poverty?
follow up question: What was the point of instructing the disciples to ask the LORD of the harvest to send out laborors?

By: Andy Davidson
Category: My Blog
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What do you like about the course so far? Dislike?

By: Andy Davidson
Category: Life of Jesus - First Century Context of Palestine (Israel)
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Jesus as a Rabbi
Great overview of implications of Jesus as a Rabbi who taught in the context of a 1st century Hebrew

URL: http://www.followtherabbi.com/Brix?pageID=1965

By: Andy Davidson
Category: Brief Life Summary: Who Was Jesus Christ?
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