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i know God help me a lot .but i cannot be satisfied with what i own.is it selfish?

By: watchman
Category: My Blog
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I dont know what to do. I am saved now what? I thirst for knowledge, but where do i start?

By: tayna mccord
Category: Brief Life Summaries
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rocking for God
as the youth of this world we should rock for God and be crazy for our Almighty.we should be the energetic youth who are hungry for God and His word.God loves us and Hius our everything just tell Him how much you love Him each and everyday and He'll take it from there because He loves and cares about you.Lets make Christainity fun so that we can bring people closer to God.Let us Rock for GOD

By: Yolanda Pathap Mathebula
Category: My Blog
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PLZ HELP!!!!!!!!

my little sister think she rules my life and controlls me ALL the time and I don't know what to do,I'm really sick of her and when I stamd up to it and tell her NO she turns into a monster...PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

do you have any suggestions what I can do???

By: RUTHG......
Category: My Blog
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Im confused.

How do you know when you are in a bad relationship?

I dont know im stuck.

By: Arial Te Momo
Category: My Blog
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i am finding it so hard at the moment with addictions can someone help me

By: Matthew Gough
Category: My Blog
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please help me...
what would be the best and quick way to resist temptation...

By: joy ruscelle tering
Category: My Blog
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Guilt from backsliding

It is my belief that once you confess your sins to the Lord, he forgives you. The problem is that we don't forgive ourselves and we haven't honestly asked for forgiveness. First correct the situation that caused the backsliding. I have been there. You know that you are doing wrong at the time you commit the act, but the act that you are committing appeals to you more than your faith in God. Afterwards you feel really bad, and it really wasn't all that fulfilling. Were you someplace that you weren't supposed to be? Were you visiting people  and places that you weren't supposed to be associated with? Friends, family, opposite sex attraction could cause you to lose your place in Heaven and remove yourself from the grace of God. You need to pray for strength and pray sincerely. When you are faced with situations that may cause you to fall away from God you must plead the blood of Jesus and resist the devil. Your feelings of guilt are just Satan's way of making you think that you are not worthy of God's love and grace. And to that I say that the Devil is a liar.

By: Joyce Jackson
Category: My Blog
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how do i get rid of the guilt for my backsliding?

By: Shannon Ford
Category: The Visit of the Magi
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  • ISAIAH5:14-15
  • ACTS17:30-31
  • The 1st one said hell has opened its mouth wide without measure. For what purpose has hell's mouth opened? To swallow any one playing games, jumping here and there, adventuring into areas that are not conducive for true christian to be. brothers & sisters, every single day, hell is following you to swallow you up for any slightest carelessness. wake up & be vigilant. Every step you take, hell steps in, following you closely to slide you in and to close its big mouth on you. becareful & watch and pray. No Compromising, No Wild Adventure. Hell is no respecter of person. Jesus may forgive you of your mistakes, but any carelessness towards hell can couse you much. May these two scriptures be an Alarm Clock on the table of your mind & heart Ringing warning to you always. Amen. {Read the one on yourself ACTS17:30-32}

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