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  • A privilege of saints
  • Being led by the Spirit is an evidence of
  • Confers a new name See Titles of Saints.
  • Entitles to an inheritance
  • Exemplified: Solomon.
  • Explained
  • God is long-suffering and merciful towards the partakers of
  • Illustrated: Esther.
  • Illustrated: Joseph`s sons.
  • Illustrated: Moses.
  • Is according to promise
  • Is by faith
  • Is of God`s grace
  • Is through Christ
  • Is to be pleaded in prayer
  • New birth connected with
  • Of Gentiles, predicted
  • Safety of those who receive
  • Saints become brethren of Christ by
  • Saints predestinated to
  • Saints receive the Spirit of
  • Saints wait for final consummation of
  • Should lead to holiness
  • Should produce: A desire for God`s glory.
  • Should produce: A forgiving spirit.
  • Should produce: A love of peace.
  • Should produce: A merciful spirit.
  • Should produce: A spirit of prayer.
  • Should produce: An avoidance of ostentation.
  • Should produce: Child-like confidence in God.
  • Should produce: Likeness to God.
  • Subjects saints to the fatherly discipline of God
  • The Adopted are gathered together in one by Christ
  • The Holy Spirit is a Witness of
  • Typified: Israel.

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