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  • Beasts used in: The ass.
  • Beasts used in: The horse.
  • Beasts used in: The ox.
  • Climate of Canaan favourable to
  • Contributes to the support of all
  • Diligence in, abundantly recompensed
  • Enactments to protect: Against injuring the produce of.
  • Enactments to protect: Against the trespass of cattle.
  • Enactments to protect: Not to covet the fields of another.
  • Enactments to protect: Not to cut down crops of another.
  • Enactments to protect: Not to move landmarks.
  • Grief occasioned by the failure of the fruits of
  • Illustrative of: Culture of the Church.
  • Illustrative of: Culture of the heart.
  • Implements of: The axe.
  • Implements of: The cart.
  • Implements of: The fan.
  • Implements of: The flail, &c.
  • Implements of: The fork.
  • Implements of: The harrow.
  • Implements of: The mattock.
  • Implements of: The plough.
  • Implements of: The pruning-hook.
  • Implements of: The shovel.
  • Implements of: The sickle.
  • Implements of: The sieve.
  • Implements of: The teethed threshing instrument.
  • Man doomed to labour in, after the fall
  • Not to be engaged in during the Sabbatical year
  • Often performed by hirelings
  • Operations in: Binding.
  • Operations in: Digging.
  • Operations in: Gathering out the stones.
  • Operations in: Gleaning.
  • Operations in: Grafting.
  • Operations in: Harrowing.
  • Operations in: Hedging.
  • Operations in: Manuring.
  • Operations in: Mowing.
  • Operations in: Planting.
  • Operations in: Ploughing.
  • Operations in: Pruning.
  • Operations in: Reaping.
  • Operations in: Sowing.
  • Operations in: Stacking.
  • Operations in: Storing in barns.
  • Operations in: Threshing.
  • Operations in: Watering.
  • Operations in: Weeding.
  • Operations in: Winnowing.
  • Patriarchs engaged in
  • Peace favourable to
  • Persons engaged in, called: Husbandmen.
  • Persons engaged in, called: Labourers.
  • Persons engaged in, called: Tillers of the ground.
  • Produce of, exported
  • Produce of, given as rent for land
  • Produce of, often blasted because of sin
  • Rendered laborious by the curse on the earth
  • Requires: Diligence.
  • Requires: Patience in waiting.
  • Requires: Toil.
  • Requires: Wisdom.
  • Soil of Canaan suited to
  • The cultivation of the earth
  • The Jews loved and followed
  • The labour of, supposed to be lessened by Noah
  • The occupation of man before the fall
  • The providence of God to be acknowledged in the produce of
  • War destructive to
  • Was promoted amongst the Jews by: Allotments to each family.
  • Was promoted amongst the Jews by: Separation from other nations.
  • Was promoted amongst the Jews by: The prohibition against usury.
  • Was promoted amongst the Jews by: The promises of God`s blessings on.
  • Was promoted amongst the Jews by: The rights of redemption.

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