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  Alliance and Society With the Enemies of God

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  • A call to come out from
  • Are a proof of folly
  • Are defiling
  • Are degrading
  • Are enslaved
  • Are ensnaring
  • Are ruinous to moral character
  • Are ruinous to spiritual interest
  • Blessedness of avoiding
  • Blessedness of forsaking
  • Children who enter into, bring shame upon their parents
  • Evil consequences of
  • Examples of avoiding: Church of Ephesus.
  • Examples of avoiding: David.
  • Examples of avoiding: Jeremiah.
  • Examples of avoiding: Joseph of Arimathaea.
  • Examples of avoiding: Man of God.
  • Examples of avoiding: Nehemiah, &c.
  • Examples of forsaking: Israelites.
  • Examples of forsaking: Sons of the Priests.
  • Examples of the judgments of God against: Ahaziah.
  • Examples of the judgments of God against: Judas Iscariot.
  • Examples of the judgments of God against: Korah, &c.
  • Exemplified: Ahaziah.
  • Exemplified: Israel.
  • Exemplified: Israelites.
  • Exemplified: Jehoram.
  • Exemplified: Jehoshaphat.
  • Exemplified: Judas Iscariot.
  • Exemplified: Rehoboam.
  • Exemplified: Solomon.
  • Exhortations to hate and avoid
  • Exhortations to shun all inducements to
  • Forbidden
  • Have led to murder and human sacrifice
  • Involve saints in their guiltiness
  • Involve saints in their punishment
  • Lead to idolatry
  • Means of preservation from
  • Persons in authority should denounce
  • Pious parents prohibit, to their children
  • Provoke God to leave mean to reap the fruits of them
  • Provoke the anger of God
  • Punishment of
  • Saints are separate from
  • Saints deprecate
  • Saints grieve to meet with, in their intercourse with the world
  • Saints grieve to witness in their brethren
  • Saints hate and avoid
  • Saints should be circumspect when unintentionally thrown into
  • Sin of, to be confessed, deeply repented of, and forsaken
  • The wicked are prone to
  • The wicked tempt saints to
  • Unbecoming in those called saints

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