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  • A net-working grate of brass placed in
  • A type of Christ
  • Ahaz removed and profaned
  • All gifts to be presented at
  • All its vessels of brass
  • All sacrifices to be offered on
  • Anointed and sanctified with holy oil
  • Called: The altar of God.
  • Called: The altar of the Lord.
  • Called: The brazen altar.
  • Cleansed and purified with blood
  • Covered with brass
  • Dimensions, &c of
  • Furnished with rings and staves
  • Horns on the corners of
  • Made after a divine pattern
  • Nothing polluted or defective to be offered on
  • Offering at the dedication of
  • Placed in the court before the door of the tabernacle
  • Sacrifices bound to the horns of
  • Sanctified by God
  • Sanctified whatever touched it
  • The blood of sacrifices put on the horns and poured at the foot of
  • The fire upon: Came from before the Lord.
  • The fire upon: Consumed the sacrifices.
  • The fire upon: Was continually burning.
  • The Jews condemned for swearing lightly by
  • The priests: Alone to serve.
  • The priests: Derived support from.
  • Was most holy

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