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  • A powerful and influential nation
  • Agag, king of, slain by Samuel
  • Character of: Oppressive.
  • Character of: Warlike and Cruel.
  • Character of: Wicked.
  • Confederated against Israel
  • Country of: Extended from Havilah to Shur.
  • Country of: In the south of Canaan.
  • Country of: Was the scene of ancient warfare.
  • Descent of
  • Discomfited at Rephidim through the intercession of Moses
  • Doomed to utter destruction for opposing Israel
  • Governed by Kings
  • Invaded by David
  • Overcome by Gideon
  • Part of the Kenites dwelt amongst
  • Part of their possessions taken by Ephraim
  • Pillaged and burned Ziklag
  • Possessed cities
  • Presumption of Israel punished by
  • Pursued and slain by David
  • Remnant of, completely destroyed during the reign of Hezekiah
  • Saul: Commissioned to destroy.
  • Saul: Condemned for not utterly destroying.
  • Saul: Massacred.
  • Saul: Overcame, and delivered Israel.
  • Spoil taken from, consecrated
  • Their utter destruction foretold
  • United with Eglon against Israel
  • Were the first to oppose Israel
  • With Midian, oppressed Israel

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