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  • Announced: The ascension and second coming of Christ.
  • Announced: The birth of Christ.
  • Announced: The conception of Christ.
  • Announced: The conception of John the Baptist.
  • Announced: The resurrection of Christ.
  • Are elect
  • Are examples of meekness
  • Are holy
  • Are innumerable
  • Are mighty
  • Are ministering Spirits
  • Are of different orders
  • Are subject to Christ
  • Are wise
  • Celebrate the praises of God
  • Communicate the will of God and Christ
  • Created by God and Christ
  • Execute the judgments of God
  • Execute the purposes of God
  • Have charge over the children of God
  • Know and delight in the gospel of Christ
  • Minister to Christ
  • Ministration of, obtained by prayer
  • Not to be worshipped
  • Obey the will of God
  • Rejoice over every repentant sinner
  • Shall attend Christ at his second coming
  • Shall execute the purposes of Christ
  • The law given by the ministration of
  • Worship God and Christ

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