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  • Called by: Christ.
  • Called by: God.
  • Called by: The Holy Spirit.
  • Christ always present with
  • Christ pre-eminently called "The Apostle"
  • Empowered to work miracles
  • Equal authority given to each of
  • Guided by the Spirit into all truth
  • Humility urged upon
  • Instructed by the Spirit to answer adversaries
  • Mutual love urged upon
  • Ordained by Christ
  • Persecutions and sufferings of
  • Received their title from Christ
  • Saw Christ in the flesh
  • Selected from obscure stations
  • Self-denial urged upon
  • Sent first to the house of Israel
  • Sent to preach the gospel to all nations
  • Specially devoted to the office of the ministry
  • The Holy Spirit given to
  • Warned against a timid profession of Christ
  • Were hated by the world
  • Were not of the world
  • Were unlearned men
  • Witnesses of the resurrection and ascension of Christ

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