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  • Ark of God frequently brought with
  • Attended by priest with trumpets
  • Before going to war: Consulted the Lord.
  • Before going to war: Encouraged by their commanders.
  • Before going to war: Required to keep from iniquity.
  • Before going to war: Were numbered and reviewed.
  • Bravery and fidelity in, rewarded
  • Called: Composed of infantry.
  • Called: Horsemen and chariots introduced into, after David`s reign.
  • Called: The armies of the living God.
  • Called: The host.
  • Collected by: Extraordinary means.
  • Collected by: Sound of trumpets.
  • Collected by: Special messengers.
  • Commanded by the captain of the host
  • Congratulated on returning victorious
  • Directed in their movements by God
  • Disbanded after war
  • Divided into: Companies of thousands, &c.
  • Divided into: Three divisions.
  • Divided into: Van and rear.
  • Educated in the art of war
  • Enroled by the chief scribe
  • First mention of
  • Inferior officers of, appointed by: The captain of the host.
  • Inferior officers of, appointed by: The chief officers.
  • Inferior officers of, appointed by: The king.
  • Men selected from, for difficult enterprises
  • Mode of supplying: By presents.
  • Mode of supplying: Contribution levied.
  • Mode of supplying: Food brought by themselves.
  • Mode of supplying: Food sent by their families.
  • Often disposed to battle with Judgment, &c
  • Often led by the king in person
  • Often supplied with arms from public armouries
  • Part of, retained in times of peace by the kings
  • Persons exempted from serving in: Who had built a house.
  • Persons exempted from serving in: Who had planted a vineyard.
  • Persons exempted from serving in: Who were lately betrothed.
  • Persons exempted from serving in: Who were newly married.
  • Persons liable to serve in
  • Praises of God often sung before
  • Purified on returning from war
  • Refusing to join, often punished
  • Refusing to join, stigmatised
  • Sometimes consisted of the whole nation
  • Strict discipline observed in
  • The fearful allowed to leave
  • With the aid of God all-powerful
  • Without God easily overcome

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