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  • Accompanied by beasts of burden and wagons for baggage
  • Ancient, often numerous
  • Antiquity of
  • Began their campaigns in the spring
  • Called the: Bands.
  • Called the: Hosts.
  • Called the: Power of Kings.
  • Called the: Wings of a nation.
  • Commenced battles with a shout
  • Compared to: Caterpillars.
  • Compared to: Clouds.
  • Compared to: Flies.
  • Compared to: Grasshoppers.
  • Compared to: Locusts.
  • Compared to: Overflowing torrents.
  • Compared to: Waters of a river.
  • Compared to: Whirlwinds.
  • Devastation occasioned by
  • Divided the spoil
  • Employed in: Assaulting cities.
  • Employed in: Besieging cities.
  • Employed in: Fighting battles.
  • Encamped: Before cities.
  • Encamped: In the open fields.
  • Exercised savage cruelties on the vanquished
  • Fear occasioned by
  • Frequently the instrument of God`s vengeance
  • Furnished with standards
  • Generally in three divisions
  • Illustrative of: Multitudes of angels.
  • Illustrative of: Numerous and heavy afflictions.
  • Illustrative of: The Church.
  • In latter ages received pay
  • Marched: Often in open line.
  • Marched: With noise and tumult.
  • Marched: With order and precision.
  • Marched: With rapidity.
  • Of different nations often confederated
  • Often consisted of the whole effective strength of nations
  • Often destroyed by: Brought their idols with them.
  • Often destroyed by: Supernatural means.
  • Often destroyed by: Their enemies.
  • Often destroyed by: Themselves through divine intervention.
  • Often surprised their enemies
  • Often went on foreign service
  • Sent out foraging parties
  • Toil and fatigue often endured by
  • Troops often hired for
  • Were composed of: Bowmen and slingers.
  • Were composed of: Cavalry.
  • Were composed of: Spearmen or heavy troops.
  • Were composed of: War chariots.
  • Were led by: Experienced captains.
  • Were led by: Kings in person.

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