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  • Armouries built for
  • Before using: Anointed.
  • Before using: Burnished.
  • Before using: Tried and proved.
  • Defensive: Buckler.
  • Defensive: Called armour.
  • Defensive: Called harness.
  • Defensive: Coat of mail, breastplate, habergeon, or brigandine.
  • Defensive: Girdle.
  • Defensive: Greaves.
  • Defensive: Helmet.
  • Defensive: Shield.
  • Defensive: Target.
  • For sieges: Battering Rams.
  • For sieges: Engines for casting stones, &c.
  • Great stores of, prepared
  • Hung of the walls of cities
  • Illustrative of: Judgments of God.
  • Illustrative of: Spiritual armour.
  • Illustrative of: Spiritual weapons.
  • Inferior to wisdom
  • Made of iron, steel, or brass
  • Not worn in ordinary times
  • Of conquered nations taken away to prevent rebellion
  • Of the vanquished: Sometime burned.
  • Of the vanquished: Sometimes kept as trophies.
  • Of the vanquished: Taken off them.
  • Offensive: Battle-axe.
  • Offensive: Bow and arrows.
  • Offensive: Called instruments of death.
  • Offensive: Called instruments of war.
  • Offensive: Called weapons of war.
  • Offensive: Dagger.
  • Offensive: Dart or javelin.
  • Offensive: Hand staff.
  • Offensive: Sling.
  • Offensive: Spear or lance.
  • Offensive: Sword.
  • Offensive: Two-edged sword.
  • Often given as presents
  • Part of, borne by armour-bearers
  • Put on at the first alarm
  • Were provided: By individuals themselves.
  • Were provided: From the public arsenals.

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