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  • Aided in Hezekiah`s reformation
  • Assisted Gideon against the Midianites
  • Bordered on the sea
  • Bounds of their inheritance
  • Descended form Jacob`s eighth son
  • Did not fully drive out Canaanites
  • Encamped next to, and under the standard of Dan, north of the tabernacles
  • Families of
  • Offering of, at the dedication
  • Officers place over, by Solomon
  • On Ebal, said amen to the curses of the law
  • Persons selected from: To divide the land.
  • Persons selected from: To number the people.
  • Persons selected from: To spy out the land.
  • Predictions concerning
  • Remarkable persons of
  • Reproved for not aiding against Sisera
  • Some of, at coronation of David
  • Strength of on entering Canaan
  • Strength of, on leaving Egypt
  • The centre of the fourth division of Israel in its journeys

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