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  • Described as: Fond of ease.
  • Described as: Not devoid of instinct.
  • Described as: Strong.
  • Formed a part of patriarchal wealth
  • Governed by a bridle
  • Judges of Israel rode on white
  • Later counted as an ignoble creature
  • Laws respecting: Astray, to be brought back to its owners.
  • Laws respecting: Astray, to be taken care of till its owner appeared.
  • Laws respecting: Christ entered Jerusalem on.
  • Laws respecting: Fallen under a burden, to be assisted.
  • Laws respecting: First-born of, if not redeemed, to have its neck broken.
  • Laws respecting: Not to be coveted.
  • Laws respecting: Not to be yoked with an ox.
  • Laws respecting: To enjoy the rest of the Sabbath.
  • Miracles connected with: A thousand men slain by Samson with a jaw-bone of.
  • Miracles connected with: Eaten during famine in Samaria.
  • Miracles connected with: Mouth of Balaam`s opened to speak.
  • Miracles connected with: Not torn by a lion.
  • Miracles connected with: Water brought from the jaw-bone of.
  • Often fed on vine-leaves
  • Often taken unlawfully by corrupt rulers
  • Persons of rank rode on
  • Trusty persons appointed to take care of
  • Unclean
  • Urged on with a staff
  • Was used: For bearing burdens.
  • Was used: For riding.
  • Was used: In agriculture.
  • Was used: In harness.
  • Was used: In war.
  • Women often rode on
  • Young, most valued for labour

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