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  • Antiquity and origin of
  • Armies of, described
  • As a power, was: An instrument of God`s vengeance.
  • As a power, was: Cruel and destructive.
  • As a power, was: Intolerant and oppressive.
  • As a power, was: Most formidable.
  • As a power, was: Proud and haughty.
  • As a power, was: Selfish and reserved.
  • As a power, was: Unfaithful, &c.
  • Called: Asshur.
  • Called: Shinar.
  • Called: The land of Nimrod.
  • Celebrated for: Extensive commerce.
  • Celebrated for: Extent of conquests.
  • Celebrated for: Fertility.
  • Chief men of, described
  • Condemned for oppressing God`s people
  • Governed by kings
  • Idolatry of, brought into Samaria
  • Idolatry, the religion of
  • Israel condemned for trusting to
  • Judah condemned for trusting to
  • Manasseh taken captive to
  • Nineveh, chief city of
  • Predictions respecting: Conquest and captivity of Israel by.
  • Predictions respecting: Conquest of Syria by.
  • Predictions respecting: Conquest of the Kenites by.
  • Predictions respecting: Destruction of.
  • Predictions respecting: Invasion of Judah by.
  • Predictions respecting: Participation in the blessings of the gospel.
  • Predictions respecting: Restoration of Israel from.
  • Pul king of: Brought off by Menahem.
  • Pul king of: Invaded Israel.
  • Sennacherib king of: Assassinated by his sons.
  • Sennacherib king of: Blasphemed the Lord.
  • Sennacherib king of: Bought off by Hezekiah.
  • Sennacherib king of: His army destroyed by God.
  • Sennacherib king of: Insulted and threatened Judah.
  • Sennacherib king of: Invaded Judah.
  • Sennacherib king of: Prayed against by Hezekiah.
  • Sennacherib king of: Reproved for pride and blasphemy.
  • Shalmaneser king of: Carried Israel captive.
  • Shalmaneser king of: Imprisoned Hoshea.
  • Shalmaneser king of: Re-peopled Samaria from Assyria.
  • Shalmaneser king of: Reduced Israel to tribute.
  • Shalmaneser king of: Was conspired against by Hoshea.
  • Situated beyond the Euphrates
  • The greatness, extent, duration, and fall, illustrated
  • The Jews condemned for following the idolatries of
  • The re-peopling of Samaria from, completed by Asnappar
  • Tiglathpileser king of: Asked to aid Ahaz against Syria.
  • Tiglathpileser king of: Conquered Syria.
  • Tiglathpileser king of: Ravaged Israel.
  • Tiglathpileser king of: Took money from Ahaz, but strengthened him not.
  • Watered by the river Tigris

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