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  • A 1000 of, with Shimei came to meet David on his return to Jerusalem
  • Adhered for a time to the house of Saul against David
  • Almost annihilated for protecting the men of Gibeah
  • Assisted against Sisera
  • Captains appointed over
  • Celebrated as bowmen and slingers
  • Celebrated persons of: Abner.
  • Celebrated persons of: Ehud.
  • Celebrated persons of: Elhanan.
  • Celebrated persons of: Kish.
  • Celebrated persons of: Paul.
  • Celebrated persons of: Saul.
  • Cities and bounds of inheritance
  • Descended from Jacob`s twelfth son
  • Encamped on west side of the tabernacle under the standard of Ephrain
  • Families of
  • Formed the rear of the third division of Israel in their journeys
  • Furnished an army to Jehoshaphat
  • Furnished the first king to Israel
  • Numbers of, returned from the captivity and dwelt at Jerusalem
  • Offering of, at dedication
  • On Gerizim said amen to the blessings
  • Oppressed by the Ammonites
  • Persons selected from: To divide the land.
  • Persons selected from: To number the people.
  • Persons selected from: To spy out the land.
  • Predictions respecting
  • Remained faithful to Judah
  • Remnant of, provided with wives to preserve the tribe
  • Revolted from the house of Saul
  • Some of, assisted David
  • Some of, at David`s coronation
  • Strength of, entering Canaan
  • Strength of, on leaving Egypt
  • Very numerous in David`s time

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