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  • Are hostile to strange kinds
  • Called: Birds of the air.
  • Called: Feathered fowl.
  • Called: Fowls of heaven.
  • Called: Fowls of the air.
  • Called: Winged fowl.
  • Can all be tamed
  • Clean: Cock and Hen.
  • Clean: Crane.
  • Clean: Dove.
  • Clean: Offered in sacrifice.
  • Clean: Partridge.
  • Clean: Pigeon.
  • Clean: Quail.
  • Clean: Sparrow.
  • Clean: Swallow.
  • Clean: To be eaten.
  • Clean: Turtle.
  • Confinement of, in cages alluded to
  • Created by God
  • Created for the glory of God
  • Differ in flesh from beasts and fishes
  • Early distinguished into clean and clean
  • Fly above the earth
  • Furnished with claws
  • Given as food to man
  • God provides for
  • Have each their peculiar note or song
  • Herb of the field given as food to
  • Illustrative: (Snaring,) of death.
  • Illustrative: (Snaring,) of designs of the wicked.
  • Illustrative: Of cruel and rapacious kings.
  • Illustrative: Of hostile nations.
  • Illustrative: Of people of different countries.
  • Illustrative: Of the devil and his spirits.
  • Illustrative: Of unsettled person, &c.
  • Inhabit: Deserted Cities.
  • Inhabit: Deserts.
  • Inhabit: Marshes.
  • Inhabit: Mountains.
  • Instinct of, inferior to man`s reason
  • Instinctively fear man
  • Lessons of wisdom to be learned from
  • Make their nests: In clefts of rocks.
  • Make their nests: In deserted cities.
  • Make their nests: In trees.
  • Make their nests: On the ground.
  • Make their nests: Under the roofs of houses.
  • Make, and dwell in nests
  • Many kinds of, carnivorous
  • Many kinds of, graniverous
  • Many kinds of, migratory
  • Names given to, by Adam
  • No likeness of, to be made for worship
  • Not to be eaten with their young
  • Often remove from places suffering calamities
  • Often suffered for man`s sin
  • Often worshipped by idolaters
  • Power over given to man
  • Propagated by eggs
  • Rapid flight of, alluded to
  • Rest on trees
  • Solomon wrote the history of
  • Taken in snares or nets
  • The blood of, not to be eaten
  • The property of God
  • Unclean: Bat.
  • Unclean: Bittern.
  • Unclean: Cormorant.
  • Unclean: Cuckoo.
  • Unclean: Eagle.
  • Unclean: Gier Eagle.
  • Unclean: Glede.
  • Unclean: Great owl.
  • Unclean: Hawk.
  • Unclean: Heron.
  • Unclean: Kite.
  • Unclean: Lapwing.
  • Unclean: Little owl.
  • Unclean: Nighthawk.
  • Unclean: Not to be eaten.
  • Unclean: Osprey.
  • Unclean: Ossifrage.
  • Unclean: Ostrich.
  • Unclean: Owl.
  • Unclean: Peacock.
  • Unclean: Pelican.
  • Unclean: Raven.
  • Unclean: Stork.
  • Unclean: Swan.
  • Unclean: Vulture.

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