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  • Holy mourners
  • Saints at the judgment day
  • The bountiful
  • The children of the just
  • The faithful
  • The generation of the upright
  • The just
  • The meek
  • The merciful
  • The peace-makers
  • The poor in spirit
  • The pure in heart
  • The righteous
  • The undefiled
  • To whom God imputes righteousness without works
  • Who are not offended at Christ
  • Who avoid the wicked
  • Who believe
  • Who delight in the commandments of God
  • Who die in the Lord
  • Who endure temptation
  • Who favour saints
  • Who fear God
  • Who frequent the house of God
  • Who have part in the first resurrection
  • Who have the Lord for their God
  • Who hear and keep the word of God
  • Who hunger and thirst after righteousness
  • Who keep the commandments of God
  • Who know Christ
  • Who know the gospel
  • Who rebuke sinners
  • Who shall eat bread in the kingdom of God
  • Who suffer for Christ
  • Who trust in God
  • Who wait for the Lord
  • Who watch against sin
  • Who watch for the Lord
  • Whom God calls
  • Whom God chastens
  • Whom God chooses
  • Whose sins are forgiven
  • Whose strength is in the Lord

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