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  • Beasts of prey delight in
  • Birds of prey delight in
  • Eating of, forbidden to: Man after the flood.
  • Eating of, forbidden to: The early Christians.
  • Eating of, forbidden to: The Israelites under the law.
  • Fluid
  • Idolaters made drink-offerings of
  • Illustrative: (Building with,) of oppression and cruelty.
  • Illustrative: (Given to drink,) of severe judgments.
  • Illustrative: (On one`s own head,) of guilt.
  • Illustrative: (Preparing to,) of ripening for destruction.
  • Illustrative: (Washing the feet in,) of victories.
  • Of all men the same
  • Of animals slain for good to be poured on the earth and covered
  • Of legal sacrifices: For atonement.
  • Of legal sacrifices: For purification.
  • Of legal sacrifices: How disposed of.
  • Of legal sacrifices: Ineffectual to remove sin.
  • Of legal sacrifices: Not offered with leaven.
  • Red
  • Shedding of human: Always punished.
  • Shedding of human: Defiling to the land.
  • Shedding of human: Defiling to the person.
  • Shedding of human: Forbidden.
  • Shedding of human: Hateful to God.
  • Shedding of human: Jews often guilty of.
  • Shedding of human: Mode of clearing those accused of.
  • The Jews often guilty of eating
  • The life of animals
  • The price of, not to be consecrated
  • Water turned into, as a sign
  • Waters of Egypt turned into, as a judgment

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